Bleach role play


function Swiss()
Renji-- *smiled*, Ichigo

Rukia- muuuuuuu.

Renji- I love you Ru-ki-ha
renji's last words before he fell to the ground spilling blood.

*What could have cause this*

Hollow Ichigo - HEH my jobs done now to..... GARRGHH!!! NO DONT MAKE ME GO BACK YET!!! I JUST GAINED FREEDOM NOO!!! GAH!!!!!!!! (goes back into ichigos mind)


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Kon- You cant marry Renji I MISSS YOU!!!!!!!!!
Kon- hahah nice view

Kon- No im sorry dont case me!!!!!!!!

Ichigo- oh shit Im back, Renji dead!!!!!! haha fool , i warned you!!!!!!!


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Ichigo- who told you to come out you blood thirsty beast , I will surpass you and defeat you!!!!!!!
Ichigo- Wait I wonder wat happend to earth i just left it with all those menos
Hollow Ichigo - HEH it is impossible for you to keep me from gaining my freedom. I WILL TAKE YOU OVER. as i said.... i will creep closer and closer to you each day..... BE READY FOR IT!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (dissapears again into his subconscious)



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Ichigo- I must do something before it get out of control just who is he a hollow ? Wat does he want and WHY ME!!!!!!!!
Ichigo-anyway i just got Rukia back so 2nites going to be fun....
Kon- You Perv...........
Hollow Ichigo - heh..... you really wanna know? i was born from your hatred and anger. from your deep sadness and pain..... plus..... you are are not like tthe others.... plus you have ZANGETSU!! IT WILL BE MINE!!! MUAHHAAHHAHHAHHAAHH



function Swiss()
Aizen-- My plan turned out perfectly. Using Renji as bait to test Ichigo's powers.

Back in soul Society Ichigo doesn't seem to be concerned about Renji.



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Ichigo now relaxing , thinking that the battle is over trys to relax alittle.
Ichigo Wat a day????? fist Vizards, the Menos , then Renji was going marry Rukia.........
Ichigo - Wat wrong with this world??? and wat was that before??? wats happening to me???
Ichigo- i need to relax and get my haed on my shoulderss.......
KON- ICHIGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ichigo - shut up your annoying!!!!!!
Kon - Wheres Rukia?????????
Ichigo- I dont know ???? check my closet dumbass??
Kon- why didnt it think of that???
Ichigo - BAKA!!!!!!
Ichigo-Its been qiute lately something isnt right, maybe u should just ewlax alittle.
Kon- Rukia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ichigo- SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let me get some peace !!!!!!!
Kon- no need to get all moody
Ichigo- your so annoying!!!Why cant you behave like a teddy bear?????
Kon- you bitch............