Bleach role play

YYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! hold up were is this RP going im about to get married WTF!!!!!!!!!!
Ichigo goes down on ne knee " Rukia will you marry me??"
lol yea it was about aizen testing ichigo then all of a sudden renji dies, rukias preg and dude wtf? lol. this rp went in a strange direction fast dude lol.


function Swiss()
lol, got to satify the fans. lol, lol.

Rukia-- Yes, yes take me Ichigo I'll marry u. But first I have to tell u the truth, the father of my baby is Chad.


function Swiss()
Rukia-- I can't take away a child's life.

Dad-- I'll take it and raise it as my own.

Ichigo's sisters--- *eek eek eek crickets* r u crazy old Dude* * kicks dad through the window*

DAD-- ahh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
Kon- hhhmmmmm chicks love guys with kids hhhhmmmm....
Ichigo- Your not even a guy your a stuffed lion DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!!
Ichigo- Give the Kid to Chad...... he wont mind since its his!!!!!
ok dude are we gonna really rp with this anymore? cuz im the last one who posted and no one has posted since. so im not really sure if anyone is still going to rp. if not then i guess you might as well take it down. BUT if we are gonna rp someones gonna have to start off with something fresh and new now =/
hmmm so i guess we need to get more people. i could advertise the animegelade website maybe? XD i have MANY people i could suggest it to if you wanted me to.
k they arent gay people who spam THEY HATE SPAMMERS i get tired of spam all the time. most of the time people send spam bots in our channel. BUT lately ive been sending some back for revenge =D but they dont know who it is who is sending it lol.