Bleach role play


function Swiss()
DAD-- AHHHH!!You punk of a son, u know u r supposed to be home before dinner time. Only punishment awaits those who disrupts our family time
Ighigo get up after fighting his father
Ichigo-AAAHHHHH!!!!!! who the hell is it this time , ichigo goes and opens the door
Ichigo-Its YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait who the hell are you agian??????????
Ichigo in complete shock stops and thinks
Ichigo- Oh yeah, now that i think of it your in my class.........
Ichigo- WAIT!!!! WHY! are you hugging me you BAKA
Ichigo then kick shinji in the face
ichigo -GET OFF ME!!!!!
Shinji falls back onto his . . . er . . . back. He flails for a while before popping back up up like a spring. "Is that how you treat your fellow man, Ichi-hime? Oh drama!" Shinji holds one hand to his forehead in mock terror before throwing himself at poor Ichigo for a second time.
Ichigo dodges Shinji with ease ,With a smerk on his face Ichigo says You baka , you think i would fall for that a secound time??? You never learn do you???
Shinji grinned his wacky grin, all teeth showing and glowing. "Nope! Never do!" He peeked around Ichigo and shouted, "Nice house, Ichi-hime!" before blasting past Ichigo at an ungodly speed and barrel rolling into his living room.
Ichigo stops in shock and his jaw hits the floor, Then he gets mad and chases Shinji witha baseball bat.....
Ichigo- Dont runaway from me you BAKA , come back here
Shinji sticks out his tongue as he runs, arms pumping in an erratic motion. "Can't catch me, little strawberry milkshake!" he cries as he runs up the stairs.

He spies Ichigo's bedroom. "Oooh, I bet he has jammies with little Zangetsus on them!" Shinji declares and dives through the doorway, landing on Ichigo's bed.
Shinji rolled around in the sheets. "Fluffy!" He leaped to his feet and lurched to Ichigo's nightstand, going through his drawers. "You got any Shonen Jump? Hiyori will kill me if I go back with nothin'!" he asked, tossing out things he saw as 'useless', saying "Neti, neti!" at each useless thing he found.
Ichigo standing at his dorr full of rage and at the same time speachless , points his finger at Shinji and says, ARE You looking for a Fight!!!!!!!!!!!!! You BAKA!!!!!!!!!!!
Ichigo- Who the hell comes over falls on me then run aound my house, then jumps in my bed and also looks inmy draws , WHO!!!!!! BAKA!!!!!!!!! (man this truely is a anime)
"I'm not looking for a fight, I'm looking for----HERE IT IS!" Shinji shouts and pulls out from Ichigo's nightstand a magazine with a picture of Grimmjow on it. "You have the latest issue of Arrancar Weekly! YAY!" He jumped on Ichigo's bed and starts flipping through the pages before realizing Ichigo was still in the doorway, mad as hell.

"I mean . . . Do ya wanna fight?" Shinji asks, frowning, using the magazine as a hat.

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Ichigo standing at the door way with steam coming out of he ears and his face turing red, Yea!!!! I get Arrancar every week if you wanted to see it you shouldve just asked Baka.
Shinji pouted. "Where would the fun be if I just asked?" He said this as if it was obvious that he was right.

"CENTERFOLD!" Shinji exclaimed and flapped open the magazine to show Ichigo the latest centerfold in Arrancar Weekly - a picture of Ichimaru Gin in a geisha outfit. "How scandalous!" Shinji said, giggling like a maniac (which he is!).

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