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  • such a sweet lips you have there, Sir. for someone romantic, you are such refreshment. fountain in a desert.
    *giggles* dangers for girls, like dessert in diet.
    *giggles* I am no more than a mere girl, Sir. I want to reply in the same way but I prefer to just ask, it means yes or no?
    Kaze. Hello. Can we chat tomorrow? I have tons of questions to ask you. And i ll be online all day tomorrow. Finally free day. <3
    Is that a rhetorical question? I think she would rather see you dead than forgive you. I can tell her you're sorry (If you'd like), if I can even get a hold of her myself. Nothing will likely change though.
    I recall that you once stated you were used to my non-committal approach. Either way, in a few weeks I—if everything goes well—I should be living in a place of my own, with my own laptop. Give it until then for the updates regarding the newsletter or anything else.
    The metal-shipping crate full of under-aged Nigerian woman can wait. Rant is more important. More important indeed.
    Random question: Any updates regarding the TI that I might be interested in?
    Well, you're not the most socialable man in the world. Perhaps you made her think something other than what you actually typed. Either way, no story behind the avi? You are no fun, here I was hoping for a rant or lamention.
    Might as well correct that typo.
    Yeah, Mistress is quite furious with you. I dunno, something about asking for pictures of a certain nature. Truely not gentlemen like my friend. Either way, they killed Troy Davis. Go figure, you should have known that a southern state would never listen to several thousand voices and high-profile persons lobbying against the action. Either way, what's with the name change and avi? o.o
    Yes. But it is a failed system. Studies shown the % of people who commit a crime is high. They do a crime. Serve a time. Get out. And then they do it again. :sigh:
    Some people can not be proven innocent their whole life. Not enough evidance. What then? Everyone can claim they are innocent. Even the worst killers / rapists can say it. But sometimes the lack of evidance is enough to set them free. <.<

    Beyond a reasonable doubt ? Is the term , if i am not mistaken.
    That is a double edged sword. isn't it.

    If i don't do anything and he is guilty..and he walks away. I would feel horrible until the day i die. The pain of thinking about it would drive me insane.

    But if he is innocent. And i do something to him. <.> it would be even worst. <.< What would you choose?
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