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  • Kaze, it;s sad to know that you leave ne.
    if I had magical power and could predict this what would have happened, I would have dirtied your wall much more sooner. so I can know you better. T^T
    I hope I can see you again, it;s so nice to meet such a poet.
    I will remember you as poem, lyric in music.
    *sighs* understood. farewell. do well. be well
    I know time passes by
    still it;s hard to say good bye
    well, I knew from my alert notif. well, I dont know about other skin, but by default, Konata skin, will give you notification i.e Alert (the text icon is right beside your prof pic ava on the top of the page to the right) everytime people comment on your profile or post on your vm board.
    Kaze Araki
    Kaze Araki
    no worries, i understand what you mean
    Grampa!!!!!! *glomps*
    Ops sorry, but I saw your date of birth you would like to think, so I should be polite by calling you grampa Kaze, instead of just Kaze.
    Ah, it's fine xD I forgot to convert the one I put put as a MP3 lol

    As for being anonymous, you don't have to be if you don't want to :)
    No problem - I thank you for doing all of this to reduce Chad's ban. It's very generous of you.
    I can make sure of that readily. Chad told me he's going to be on Mangafox for this week, so I'll keep an eye on him from there.
    404 not found

    and sorry sorry.... ill come back when i have something real to contribute to the discussion
    because i dont like fights ^^" <<-- why i stopped "debating" <<--- also why i didnt make this *points to line below*

    and i detest rules that tell me what i can or cannot say x.x so i thought we needed a debate thread were "spam" was allowed
    i still read them... just never post ^^ i almost made a "informal" debate thread in the spams section buuut decided not to
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