Tested solutions for dry skin


Pumpkin is back
Jun 16, 2011
First of all, what is dry skin and how do you know if its your skin type or not:

If you have dry skin, you may notice your skin is usually tight and possibly even flakey. Your pores are almost unnoticeable. After you wash your skin, you can feel it begging for moisture. You can see little wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes and corners of the mouth. The sensations of having a dry skin is very uncomfortable sometimes, it can feel like you're wearing a mask which is falling apart. In the winter its just gets worse and worse.

After testing for the last 10 years various creams, masks, moisturizers I have found some solutions/remedies that work:

Do not use beauty products/skin products for other types of skin besides dry one if you have this type of skin.
Try to wash your face with mineral water or bottled one, not straight from the sink to avoid coming in contact with chlorine.
What dry skin needs the most is hydrations, make sure to drink enough water.
Vitamins are also very important, you can find Vitamin E and Vitamin A in liquid form at drug stores and they are very cheap. You can use them directly on your skin, a couple of drops are enough.
One of the best things I have found is cold-pressed almond oil. Is wonderful, you apply a couple of drops in the morning instead of facial cream and a couple of drops at night after removing your make up on the clean skin and it feels really hydrating and moisturizing.
DO NOT wash your face with soap, a gentile ex-foliation once a week with wheat bran is enough.

So, what other tested solutions are there besides my own that you know of?