Fate/Stay Night RP RULES *MUST READ*

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Fate/Stay Night Role-Play RULES

[1] No Spam
Do not spam the RP area, so do not make some one sentence post, just an OOC post, or anything of the like.​

[2] Multi-Posting
Do not, I repeat, do NOT make a post after your post in a row, also known as Double-Posting.​

[3] Characters
Well duh, you have to make a character, either a Servant or a Master. There are separate threads with each format (and most likely limitations) for either. But to become Master and Servant, members will have to plan ahead of time for who will be their partner, and both MUST be accepted to begin RPing, if only one is accepted, they will be put on hold till their partner gets accepted. If all 7 Servant and Master slots are filled and you're partner or you haven't been accepted, you will not be able to participate. Before you can make a character for the F/SN RP, you have to read the storyline first, which can be reached here. Then fill in the character format for either Servant or Master. Send a PM to the RP Team if you have any questions. Remember, NO one may have more than one character.​

[4] God-Moding
This is one of the most important rules/guideline, DO NOT GOD MODE!! God Moding is done by most bad RP'ers, and also annoys a great deal many others. God Moding for example is when you have incredible stats, like A++ or you are invincible or immortal, unlimited mana, etc. This is annoying, and you will be ejected from the F/SN RP. If you are a master, your servant will be liable to make a pact with a new master (as they are already in the Holy Grail War). God Moding also means controlling other people! Do not do that! Only Masters can do that, though not all the time, and only for their Servants. But doing so will make you lose a command spell, and you know that using up two will make your Servant free for some time until they make a pact with another master.​

[5] In-Depth Explanations
All characters MUST have a history, and it must be in depth, at the very least, it must have no less than 4 sentences. Each character must have a true identity, and if it's a made-up character, you must explain why that hero is a heroic spirit, or give history about him/her/it. When RPing, you must also be in depth, as if you just post a dialogue line, it wouldn't be too entertaining, or at the very least, informative.​

[6] Activity
ALL those who RP, MUST be active. If not, it ruins the RP, and their character will lose in the Holy Grail War. By lose, I mean die.​

[7]Grammar Usage
Please use proper grammar. It's easier for everyone to understand, and will make RPing more fun. Do not use l33t, internet/text message abbreviations, or any of those things you wouldn't use IRL talk. Also, when talking not in RP, use 'OOC:' which means Out of Character. Use small text when doing so, and only do so if it's related to the RP. OOC comments like "Nice Sig" or "Zomg, how are you today?" or "Hey, go update my claim >.>" are not acceptable, and will be edited out. Which leads to another point, when editting a post, you MUST have a reason of why you editted it, if it's editted after the next post has been posted, your post will be deleted and the poster after you will be allowed to either (A) Edit your post so that it fits the storyline or (B) Delete post and redo that "turn".​

Commonly Used RP Terms

Roleplay/RP/RPG: To assume or act out a particular role, most of the time for your character.

IC: In Character; when you are speaking/posting as your character. though usually the type of post when posting in the RP area, so you do not have to put IC: in front of your In Character text.

OOC: Out of Character; typically used when you speak as YOURSELF and not your character. When using OOC, you must have OOC: in front of your Out of Character text, in small font, as well as your whole OOC talk in small font. Any post that has just OOC text, it WILL be deleted.

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Fate/Stay Night RP System

Each Master will start out with 100 Health Points (HP) and 100 Mana Points (MP) which will be expressed as HP/MP or as you start out, 100/100.
The only ways you can gain/recover HP and/or MP as a master is for you to rest by sleep, eating, resting in a Hot Springs and those of such a place, or by other means (i.e. skills, spells, etc.).

Each of those resting habits can only recover at maximum of the lowest type of action, 5 points, depending on what it is. Sleeping recovers 5 points per hour slept, eating recovers 2 points per meal, resting in a Hot Springs, Spa, etc.recovers 1 point per 15 minutes spent in that area. Spells, skills, etc. can at most, recover maximum is 15 points, but must be ranked no less than A. Those that recover 10 to 12 points must be B, 7 to 9 must be C, 4 to 6 must be D, and lastly, 1 to 3 must be E. Anything above 15 points would be considered EX, and has to have a costly side-effect, though also cannot be used frequently and/or has to use a lot more mana.

Those with a Family Seal/Mark will be able to reach spells above B Rank, though those without a Family Seal/Mark, can only reach up to C Rank, and can only have one spell classification that is Rank A.

The maximum HP and MP you can gain/get up to, is 125 both, though for those with a family seal/mark, the max. is 150 points.

Each Servant will start out with a set amount of HP/MP, depending on their class. Same goes for abilities
Saber - 125/125
Beserker - 150/100
Archer - 90/130
Caster - 75/150
Rider - 100/125
Lancer - 125/100
Assassin - 100/100

For each Servant's maximum HP and/or MP, it would be the original + 50 points.

Each Noble Phantasm that deals non-physical damage has to be around the average (but if ongoing, must be lower) of it's rank (if higher than average, it'd add a + to it, if lower, add a - to it) though not exceeding the above rank.
E - 10
D - 15
C - 25
B - 40
A - 50
A++ - 65
EX - 75
EX Anything Suicidal - 200

Each Noble Phantasm that deals physical damage (i.e. Normal Attacks) has to be around the average or a lot lower of it's rank (if higher than average, it'd add a + to it, if lower, add a - to it) though not exceeding the above rank.
E - 3
D - 7
C - 10
B - 12
A - 15
A++ - 20 (must be limited somewhat)
EX - 30 (must be limited)​

When doing something (actions, battling, etc.), you cannot do stuff with asterisks (i.e. *I quickly grab my sword and block your attack*), you must do so in a way like a story (i.e. Saber had quickly grabbed her sword from the ground, and had blocked his attack.) Though, you don't have to be pinpoint accurate with everything (i.e. Saber had dropped to the floor, turned 30 degrees to the right and had grabbed and picked up her sword to block his incoming stab.) Though, when RPing, please use proper grammar, if you do not use grammar properly, you will be warned, or if you say beforehand, you can ask someone to proofread it for you before posting.
Most of the time, you will have to type out stories or something of the like, as in instead of something like
"Yo, how've you been?"
*Gets water while talking*


"Yo, how've you been?"
I go and get water while talking.

Do it more like this

"Yo, how've you been?" Shinji said, while drinking water.

See the difference? If not, ask the RP Team for help. And don't try to act like you don't know it.

Most of the actions and dialogue in the RP should be like those you would find in a story.​
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