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  • wait i don't know your msn!! tell me!!!

    wait wat drama? i heard a fight but i didn't expect it to get so bad
    i don't really get on msn much but it should work if you search for sarah unicorns, or email blackcat93@sbcglobal.net
    see you on the other site : )
    yes it confuses me too, i felt the same way :p
    lol did you imagine all men to be that way at the moment?
    im not sure i just think i was feeling out of it, it happens
    I am young, though not too young. I'm sure it'd work out. I can be like the energizer bunny and just keep going and going and going...

    As I side note, is your solo work presentable for my viewing pleasure?
    Okay, I'll be honest. You're at a level far higher than I could ever hope to be at. While I'd really love to dine with you, it would be a shame if I had to pull out of our interactions too early and ended up disappointing you.
    You read it? What did you think when you read it?

    So you wouldnt have laughed? lol jk . Always the feminist eh :) Oh and you did? What you think? I started watching The Wire recently I finished season 2 but going to wait to see season 3.
    fascinated and repulsed eh? that's a weird combo : D . Yep I was like ten? I was a very curious kid :hohoho:
    Well it was about a guy f'ed by a horse it was funny though because the guy died, well funny to me and other people. You cringe? I just love Don's character especially at the office the control he has.
    lol I see I see... I'm not going to be purple and sparkly :P But until the new set is done, I will uh... look like this. I actually have 3 other pics I took yesterday *along with that one* that look like that.
    You probably do. Awwww.. you don't want me to be dark? But what can I do-I have dark skin all over lol I'm going to request something new, so I won't be *dark* for long lol
    I thought there would be lots of sex there and there wasnt :sigh: Lol yea I remember you telling me about your parents sheltering you :p Yeah I just remember seeing one episode and then being like nah pass lol. Did you see that episode as a kid? :o

    Meh there's nothing wrong with being judgmental sometimes everyone has their own opinion, my opinion is that is just wrong and disgusting. I saw a video once um I'll stop there you might not want to hear it. Yay you remembered, yes it is, one of my favorites. What season are you in?
    Yep it is. Lol yes we should totally do that even though that show was misleading to me as a kid :hohoho:
    True in some ways the mentality was better in those points but the again it wasnt because of other views yep times can never be perfect I guess. Yeah I cant imagine why people would do that but I think some of them must, I mean who would imagine having sex with another animal? I wonder what the animal must think when that happens.
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