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What program do you guys use for torrents? I use utorrent which is an awesome program.. I use to use bit comet but I think utorrent is much better imo.

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BitComet. I was thinking of changing to another program, but I still have some unfinished downloads that I'll need to cancel in order to install another app (and I don't want to do that).
I have a machine dedicated to downloading via torrents, it uses uTorrent and webUI addon, works like a charm. just login to add my torrents and let it do the rest, granted ive still a few features i goto make myself like a program that pops up on my main pc to tell me download is done ^^.

if you want to make life even easyer, make a folder and tell uTorrent to autoload and download torrents in that folder, then all you do is place files there, or make a program that you open all .torrent files with that will copy them to it ^_^;

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I use BitTornado myself. It seems the most stable are easy to use program that I have foud, but I haven't done much looking at other programs lately
well torrents arent bad as long as you now what your downloading
Sometimes (or most of the time) torrents are too slow to complete. You need to wait like few days just for something to finish downloading. And im using utorrent,never try others before cos i rarely torrent except when needed (*coughgamescough*).