Too many forums!

I don't mind it and I like the layout... combining it like now isn't that great either... since the topics are long on some of them, they look weird compact like that..


I agree too.
Although i do use the minimize part on the categories as not to get a headache/lost.
I still find it slightly overwhelming; some categories could still be merged, and others lost.


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Wait what was the problem with the layout? The layout I made for zoku haven has been added to a lot and has become a lot more comlex than the one I created. I had the original seperated into 5 sections the information section, the real world issues section, the anime/manga section, the hot springs (many different areas), and the GFX section (im not counting the staff section or the vault). Since then we added G2 World and other staff has added a large amount of different forums to the original design.

I made the layout in a way that we could easily put things in the right place and the staff would beable to mod their areas better.

The reason it looks so hectic now is because people have been adding to it and making sub forums into actual forums which takes up more room on the forum list.


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I change some of the layout, so it looks more cleaner now.. I got rid of some of them that we dont really use. Looks much better now, how is the gallery coming along?


Im fine withwhat ever it is now its neat and highly detailed on each section also won't matter much to me at all the more or less is ok o.o


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I will have the gallery posted in the staff section tomorrow afternoon so far it's organized and I'm trying to put sections that will go with a lot of things our members might want to add. In the staff section I asked for some do's and don'ts from you guy's so I can critique what I have so far.


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Some improvements have been made. But I still think 25 main forums and 59 subforums (so that makes 84 forums total!) is overkill. I will try and put aside some time to logically lay out something a bit more simplistic.

Keep up the suggestions. Lets work together to make this a stronger and more friendly community, particularly to newcomers!


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If you get on msn then let me know what I should be fix.. I cant do this on my own. If you people going not help me out then dont post but if you are tell me what I should fix and remove.