Servant Caster

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I am The Light
Feb 7, 2008
Class :Caster

Age(Appear to be):18

True Idenity :Night Mage

Appearence :He has a mix between dark blue and grey hair and crimson coloured eyes which glow red when in battle.Wears dark red shirt and black pants,Not in Combat wears street clothing

Personality :Very Kind and loving,even if it hurts me i well save anyone i can,Very opened minded

History/Past :???

Alignment:Lawful Good

Abilities: (can add 3 for your class rank is E~A++)
Endurance: D
Territory Creation: A
Riding : D+

Noble Phantasm:
Rule Breaker:

Rank: C
Type: Anti-Unit.
An iridescent and jagged dagger with no exceptional offensive properties, though it possesses the unique ability of dispelling any sorcery cast upon a pierced target. This knife reduces enchantments, sorcerous contracts, and spiritual bodies to their component materials. However, Rule Breaker is ineffective against other Noble Phantasms.

Argon Coin:

Rank: EX
Type: Support.
A coat of golden wool from the winged ram Chrysomallos, given to King Ae?tes of Colchis by Phrixus as a token of his gratitude. Possessed by a powerful spirit, Argon Coin is capable of summoning the dragon that originally guarded it when it is thrown upon the ground. Although Caster owns this Noble Phantasm, she does not have knowledge for the incarnation of mythical beasts, so Argon Coin is never used during the 5th Holy Grail War. The name of this Noble Phantasm refers to the Argonauts, a crew of adventurers in Greek mythology who sought the Golden Fleece.

Prelati's Spellbook: The Text of the Spiralled Sunken Citadel

Rank: A+
Type: Anti-Army
Also known as the R'lyeh Text, a spellbook with a cover made of human hide and originally belonged to Prelati, a comrade of Caster's. Using blood and flesh as mediums for materialization, Prelati's Spellbook summons monstrous creatures that are neither spiritual bodies nor Phantasm Beasts, but those which exist in a dimension with entirely different natural laws.

The spellbook is a summoning grimoire; the book itself is alive and responsible for the incantations that summon and revive demonic monsters. Caster does not actually read the spells recorded on the pages of Prelati's Spellbook, but is able to freely command the spellbook.

Legion -For We Are Many:
-A Noble phantasm that temporarily gave caster the ability to animate corpses and undead giving them foul lives to obey waht she commanded them for. The corpses will not destroyed but will regenerate or merged into one single being.

World Of Opposite:
-Creates an alternate universe where all rules in the outside worlds are neglected, all law are reversed.

Weaknesses:When people getting hurt well give life for them

Likes:Cookies,girls in adorable clothes

Dislikes:Muscles -_-
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