no..... right now i have a proposition.. the local pirates are getting bold.... too bold... i know they receiving new weapons from a certain dealer... which one i don't know... but there's another shipment of weapons coming for another round... i want you to disrupt the shipment... either send it to me or destroy it on sight.... but bring me the shipping manifest i want to know who's the bastard that ruined my day....i can lend you 5 men of my elite personal troops and a transport.. the reward will be 30000 US dollars... 60000 if you bring me the whole weapon shipment and 20% of the shipment is yours. what say you?
nothing really.... well.... actually i plan to eliminate competition... better profit to me that way..if you accept here's the location of the ship.... just directly north of our lovely roanapur..
no... right now.. just focus on getting the shipping manifest.. that's your primary objective.. the men and the transport are on the docks. *push a button under the bar and it opens an underground passage* the docks are under this bar.. go... and good luck.
That's even easier*carries a few AKs and jump down the hole* *Runs along the passage*There you are, you must be the mastermind !!*starts shooting everyone around the mastermind**points the gun at the mastermind's head*Checkmate.
very well.... *toss a payment of 60000* help yourself to get the weapons you wanted...now to read the manifest........... *reading manifest* interesting it seems it was him after all...


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