NPC's side of the First day


Jan 29, 2008
Note: Fate/stay night characters are not own by me, but by Type-Moon. I'm using them as Role Playing characters for the F/SN RP in the story as well since this story relates to it on the NPC's point of view.

Well, this takes place after the knight disappear and Shirou is standing there in shock, while Rin and Saber try to comfort him.


"Impossible, my reality marble...its gone..." Emiya Shirou stands there shocked. Then going back to his home with Rin and Saber, who came back seeing him stare at the sky for over an hour, now decided to wait for him inside.

"Shirou-kun, finally decided to come back to yourself?" Rin said while sipping tea.

"Shirou, did you find out who the master and servant we encountered today were?" Saber asked.

"Well I fought the servant which proves to be a lot stronger than I thought, having been able to fight on par with me despite having to protect his master. His master is much more surprising managed to able to trace all the noble phantasms I fired at them. Yet the servant is what I'm worrying about."

"I see...well, Saber during the battle did find anything about them?" Rin says, then goes to finish her tea.

"Well from what I have seen in the battle, the servant seems to be very protective of his master and also seems to be hiding something. The master on the other hand is of pure heart its really hard to see how she is dragged to the Holy Grail War as well. Yet the blade Durandal which the servant used might give a possibility that his true identity is Roland, yet not many servants reveal their identity this easy." Saber replied.

"I see, then well if the servant is really the owner of Durandal he must be a knight of the feudal era. Yet whats surprising is he managed to defend from Unlimited Blade Works," Rin had said, "Well, Saber, I want you to go and capture them."

"Yes Master, I will go now," Saber said.

"Well, Shirou, you need to brush up with your training. We still need to find the other 6 masters and their servants, so while Saber goes after them, you train without objection," Rin told Shiro.

"But Saber going alone can be dangerous..." Shirou said.

"Well, don't worry. I manage to have a few tricks up ahead in case she's in danger" Rin said reassuringly.

Thus, Saber sets out to capture the Silver Knight and his Master.
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