Minor IPB Update from IPB 2.3.2 to IPB 2.3.3


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We've upgraded the forum from IPB 2.3.2 to IPB 2.3.3 because there were some bugs with the last version that have been fixed. Here's a list of what's been fixed.

Thumbnails always being generated
Quick reply parse URI encoding
Clickable Smilies
New post indicators not working properly.
Change Display Name bug
Just BBCode Problem
IP.Board Pro skin ,,My Friends,, window tabs bug
find members post missing thumbnaiils
Bug in Comment, Text Editor
last_visit not updated?
2 things in acp after upgrade
Subscription expired date is wrong.
Navigation Bar on View Topic History
IP.Board PRO skin possible bug
Guest Posting
Empty feeds
Linear+ and Outline ware switched to Standard when you want to see Poll results
Over Attachment Limit
Security precation can cause valid text to get replaced
Mark all as Read fails on Main page
Image identified as dynamic image
searching not working properly
Is this a bug?
XML-RPC User will not delete
[2.3.2] Missing unread-icons with "View New Posts"
Split from 4833
Number of guests is shown wrongly IPB 2.3.2
Full and Update package discrepancies
Problem on the ipb portal setting