If you were offer to go to Japan and can never comeback...


Phoenix of the Red Moon
of course!!!
i wouldn't miss a chance like this for anything!
doesn't matter where in japan, after i'm there i can handle myself and go where i want to.

Rebirth CO²

Guardian Angel
Tough decision ><

Japan is awesome and stuff, but my family and friends are here, plus I would want to go meet some other people that I've met over forums and such. So I guess I would do some other things, than probably when I'm set for life out of Japan, I'd go there. D:


kumo no you ni
of course i would accept the offer! You know that t's a very interesting country, and I heard that most of the people respect each other and usually have a "joyful mood":D I'd love to live there, some of my friends would also be there and my family could visit me anytime! (and even stay with me in Japan, why not?;))
that's the main reason i applied at Japanese university. i wouldn't hesitate one bit and as for friends, i can always make new ones there, and as for my family, they will sure visit me. after all, i'm used to living far from them.
I would definitely go. As for my friends and family, I'd miss them but I can just keep in touch telephone, e-mail, webcam.
i dont want to be stuck in a country. id like to travel and maybe live thur 2-3 years then go anothur country.
maybe when i have my own family will i do so.