For All Lovers of Asian Cinema.

Just as the title says. Anything Asian cinema to be recommended.

13 Assassins by Takeshi Miike

Best movie I've seen of late.

Michael Bay only wishes he can make a movie like this.

Its deep in nature but not too deep.

Its got intrigue and suspense

The plot is pretty simple and the action is Samurai Madness.

9/10 stars.

Left out the one star because it did not have Hot Nurses in it. LMAO!


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The best Asian film I have possibly seen would have to be Oldboy (no bias there), everything was amazing: the plot, the characters, the cinematography, the dialogue, the music etc.

Other ones would be Battle Royale, The Grudge, Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle (there are so many more, but I can't seem to think of them for some reason :>.>:)
OMG! I have Oldboy on DVD. Bloody movie is the tits!

Battle Royale and The Grudge are good too!

There is also this Korean movie called The Host

Really cool movie.


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[quote name='Johnzy']Ip Man! Bad Ass! XD

Also Ninja Assassin.


Sorry johnzy but to me that show had no point besides violence and action."scared"


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Ip Man is better, I believe... But I like Ninja Assassin for actions.

I dun know if this is Asian but Kill Bill is the best so far~


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I only watched one season. I believe it's 1.

Dramatic, Tragedy, Action, Hero...

Very very good movie.

If you want nurses in it, there's the Kill Bill and Ninja Assassin.


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KIll Bill is a american movie?

Yes? er no?

Anyway you guys should check out red cliff.

Epic Movie I tell ya.

Also for action. Dragon tiger gate was awesome


Sorry bout the bad dub. Could not find the chinese version
I Saw the Devil Korean Horror is so cool.

One bloke even said that it makes Old Boy look like the Flintstones. LMAO!

I must say the plot is straight revenge bit.

You start to take pity on the antagonist when you're not suppose to.

Very unconventional.

The protagonist goes through the extreme to exact revenge.

So cool.

9/10 stars.:love:

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Yeah, Kill Bill and Ninja Assassin were American movies. As far as ninja go the Wachowski brothers don't know anything outside of raping the culture. [SLAM!] If you want a real ninja movie check out Shinobi: Heart Under the Blade. It's heavily based on the manga Basilisk which is also more in line with the true shinobi.

Also, there is a series of movies simply called Shinobi which star Kenji Matsuda. This thing was so low budget but it captured what shinobi was, how shinobi lived, how they fought, and how they died. When I saw the first ten minutes I was like, I can't watch this, it's so cheap. But this is actually one of the best damn ninja flicks you'll find anywhere.

Best action movie I've seen from Asia is VERSUS without a doubt. This thing is like two and half-hours of fist fights, gun battles, sword fights, and good ole mafia vs zombies beatdown.


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Oooooh Shinobi: Heart Under Blade was so cool. I have that on DVD.

VERSUS, I'm going to look for that today!

Thanks Zero!

EDIT: There's a video of the same movie right after the one you have there and it says "Versus, how to deal with women" Freaking hilarious!!! Bwahahahahahahaaa!
[quote name='Graham Aker']Red Cliff and Ip Man.

Nuff said[/QUOTE]

I fangasmed. Definitely my favourite movie from the Asian culture.

Other movies I enjoyed [not necessarily good, I was just entertained by them]:

Ichi the Killer


Tomie (and its sequels)


Tetsuo, the Iron Man

Battle Royale

Suicide Club