Confessions of the G2 members

Ok, there are few things funner then the misbehavours of people, so come on confess your sins, so we can all laugh and pok you with a stick.

I guess, I should start. I had an argument a while back with my ex, having lost that lovers tiff, I desired payback so the next morning after going to the toilet, I got his toothbrush and swished it around the toilet bowl before nicely putting it back in its place ... Oh, what pleasure I got when he picked it up.


Zombie Slayer~
My sins... Let me think...

Once before I entered elementary school my little brother had bothered, hitting me and such, me for a long time, so I got tired of it and in my pent up anger, frustration and irritation I smacked his head with a hard plastic box when he began to take the toys I was playing with, though I had already given him half of them, and gave him a heavy nosebleed.~
Let me think........ Well back in the days i used to punch random people just because i felt like it. Not the nicest thing but at least now i do it when its justified.