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  • Hey soul. Kamen Rider Faiz. what happen to episode 21 onwards? I cant find them anywhere.

    Also. I didn't realize the drive was full and had already transferred and added the whole bunch of Bleach and some F/SN episodes.

    I might need you to download them again if Boyd cant recover it. Q_Q Im so sorry I fail..
    well sure I can help you upload series.

    Bleach has still got tons...really tiring.

    Have you found shuffle? I could start uploading that
    No one is born as Muslim, Christian or Hindu. Have you ever seen a Born Republican or a Born Left-Wingest? Same thing.

    I say ex-Muslim, because I don't adhere to its dogmas anymore.
    man there some crazy thing going on. There is 2 Omamori Himari Series...added to the database. One was done by me and another existed before and it had no episodes. Now I added all the episodes to that old one. I cant move the episodes out.

    :wacko: so what do I do now?
    lol all 8? hmm...then maybe you should just do your thing. But then you could have find the bundle version instead of downloading epi by epi.

    Well Im currently uploading digimon adventures
    ah well suit yourself I guess. But my com cant support 1080p. No matter what codec and player I use it will not display properly.

    But my advice is to just get 720p versions. Afterall not everyone can play 1080p like you can
    you do know that 1080p cannot be played by most computers right? O.o

    1080p is Blu Ray for TV. computers support up to 720p only...well at least older computers. Maybe those this year can...
    yeah sure.

    BTW I notice something crazy. Whose downloading the 1080p version of Highschool of the dead? O.O
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