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    Boys vs Girls #4!

    2294... Oh wait. 2293
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    The Shadow Heir Beckons...

    Thanks for the welcomes. :XD:
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    What's the last movie you have seen?

    Transformers Dark of the Moon (slept a minute during the Decepticons defending the pillars when Optimus's Flight Tech had him stuck in some cables) Final Destination 5 (Interesting and funny if you laugh at blood and gore, and the ending was obvious when the lead character wanted to go to Paris)...
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    The Shadow Heir Beckons...

    So, I'm a former AT member with interests in Anime (Mostly Action, though I do enjoy a few Slice of Life and of course a lot of Ecchi), Gaming (RPGs and a few RTS) some Manga (Currently, only HOTD, Rave Master and Fairy Tail), and a stock pile of VNs I hardly have the time or privacy to play...
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    [READ] Impending Merge

    ? ?A quick query... if we go to AT on our browsers, does AT redirect us to g2anime?
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    Book(s) you are currently reading

    Finished Mass Effect Ascension. It takes place roughly 15 - 20 years after the events of Revelation, but just months after the Battle for the Citadel (the conclusion of ME1) but before Comander Shepard and the Normandy SR1's demise. It follows Paul Grayson (a Cerberus Operative), Kahlee Sanders...
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    Ich bin ein Octocat

    The Octocatler has arrived!
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    Book(s) you are currently reading

    Just finished Mass Effect Revelation. A good read if you're a fan of the franchise, pity that Saren got away with everything he did, but it does make him more evil throughout the 1st game, (until the climactic scene anyway).Now off to read Ascension and learn why Udina becoming a Council member...
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    Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy

    Interesting how more and more Video Game developers are recognizing FB as a way to lure in the casual gamers.I'm still stuck playing the 1st AC game as I have trouble finding time to play it. Though I am planning to finish it then acquire AC2 & Brotherhood, & then Legacy. Shame Brotherhood is...
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    What games are you currently playing right now?

    Honestly? Sims Social and The Secret World Pre-Beta Facebook stuff.
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    “.hack//The Movie” – 3D CGI Film Announced

    You mean Liminality, the 4 part DVD OVA? I actually thought that was good despite not being .hack. It focuses more on the real-world problems of people falling into comas during the first series of games. Each episode of the OVA was packaged with one .hack title of the 1st series, making it seem...
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    “.hack//The Movie” – 3D CGI Film Announced

    Haven't even played a single title of the series. Torrented .hack// Infection & .hack//Mutation a few years ago, but PCSX was still not able to play it then (Finding them wasn't easy either, and I still need two more titles for the 1st series). I'm thinking of finding all 3 .hack// GU titles and...
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    “.hack//The Movie” – 3D CGI Film Announced

    So another Kite Character, and a female just like the one in the OVAs.Interesting how in the previous incarnations (all of them) involve the use of a computer, while this one features an MMO that's installed on a futuristic iPhone. Japan must be telling us that mobile games are the future of...
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    Post Your Current Desktop

    Updated with better icons and segregated all of my games into 4 piles, plus a pile for the Pen & Paper stuff.
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    Book(s) you are currently reading

    Okay, in the middle of reading Mass Effect Revelation, and it has some highlights on Saren (he's Renegade, figures) and a slew of character development for Anderson (imagining Anderson and Saren's VAs saying the lines while reading ).I have also read the Mass Effect Comics, particularly...