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    On another note. I've read the separation and the issue about g2, Anime Tempest and Muffin.

    I don't know about you man, but I'm moving with them to GO. I have more fun with them and had grown more closer to them.

    Stick together?
    Parry. The Parry? O__O

    I'll get back on man. The reason for my ban is honorable. I have nothing to be ashamed about. I didn't cause any dishonor to anyone and I didn't go over the fence insulting anyone. i defended Mashima because he needs to be defended and when the time comes, I will still defend him, if needed although I'll be a little 'nice' about it of course *winks*
    Oh, and it seems I'll be good to go in less than 48 hours and counting. wahaha LOL

    Tell me man, what did I do wrong? =_____=

    I just defended Mashima from trolls. And the announcement nod made doesn't state an insta-ban for aggressive posting just creating threads. =______________=

    BTW, I was surprised to see a new forum here, when I entered the old domain I got confused why an error occurred so this is the reason why. : D
    I notice your comment on the SOTW voting. Let me just give you some story about Credo.
    He is a being that sees himself as an Angel. However he is a demon.

    I think you fail to notice that he has the wings of an Angel but the body of a demon. It suited the theme...
    I have no idea. XD

    We'll have to clear the objectives of the game first. What type of game will it be I guess...
    Sign-ups for Liar Game is up at MF. JOIN!!!

    2 players needed to fill in all the slots and we can start tomorrow for my game. Try doing 2 games at once. (:
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