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  • Yeah i've already try yours too... :waah:, maybe it's all my fault cause i'm not using the true MSN but an ersatz.... so... i'm sorry :raincorner:
    As i said, you are truly welcome to do so and i want to read more from your "different way to look at things".

    One would think since it has been written down in the history books that we wouldn't repeat the same mistakes
    We also have an universal memory/consciousness, but i guess it's in the human being to forgive what we don't like. You are so true when are talking about politics and peoples who stay "passive" and don't help with the situatins.

    Chimes can you believe it we are actually getting laws to stop rude comments from being put online. I mean really??? I dont unerdstand people sometimes...seems like everyone has loss respect for one another. *so sad* I would say only in America, but idk that's the case.
    I think it's sad. Liberty of expression is like a coin, there is two faces. i can understand that sometimes someone could disagree/dislike what another person is saying, but everyone has the right to express himself the way he wants. And yeah i think we have lost respect for so many things.

    [SPOILER]out-there@hotmail.fr => if you wish to, add me on MSN, then we can discuss about those things "more freely"[/SPOILER]

    "OMGosh not again =_= sorrys" <= Sorry bout what ??
    Hey, you are welcome to post meesages as long as you want, specialy when they are full of Wisdom and kindness. ( it's never too long when it's good ). I"m just so glad to share those words with you. it seems i haven't those kinds of idea durin ages... so yeah feel free to post what you want, whenever you want, it will be a pleasure for me.

    "I know its hard not to see the negative but there is always something good that comes out of the bad." Then i wish this can always be true. Sadly histories are full of example that can shows the contrary, and it always make me think that i hope one day, we'll shall remind of our errors and then start to learn something from it. But human being as a so little memory.... that make us forgive about lot of important lessons.
    "Everyone is in everyones business instead of being respectful. Even now you still have people making foolish comments online. Not thinking about what the other person may be going through on the other side of the computer", that's so sadly true.

    "I still think France shines with beauty and leaves one with the fragrance of love."
    I wish happiness => je vous souhaite d'être heureux ; je vous souhaite beaucoup de bonheur... French is awsome for that, i mean we have so many varitions to express feelings/moods...

    Well if you visit my country your eyes gonna "pop out" of their "orbits" xD But i hope you'll get the chance to come by one day.

    From you => "Who try to share your country's beauty but it can never really be shared can it? I mean you read what they exprience except you would have to be there yourself to feel what they truly felt" => that is so true. But it's always good to share experiences cause it makes you rimagination at work. Sometimes i wish i can be in peoples heads, just to know exactly what they are thinking/feeling about things.

    And well my country make me sad for a lot of reason, but i think the most important fact is that France was considerated as " A Human Rights " guardian... but our politics killed that spirits in many ways. Plus we arejust sheeping the others cause we are so afraid to assume what we are really thinking. In bad times like now, people become so stupids... they are cring cause "strangers come to rob their works" ... or things like that... what a shame. But i still have hope, we have already change some ways of thinking, so i want to believe this will change too.
    What kind of guy are you when you have a girlfriend???

    Observant and compassionate. And always a side of sense of humor.(as long as they show compassion and respect back)

    What kind of person are you around your family??

    Sarcastic , nice and cold

    What is your favorite movie???

    Starwars(1 ,2 AND 3 NOT THE REST), Any shooter movie and remember the titans

    What type of music do you listen to the most????

    Rap , R & B and Rock N Roll but I listen to a little Japanese and classic music.,
    Simplicity for your interest and attitude.
    Modesty for not boasting how good you truly are. There are allot of great qualitys about you so you should be able to do better.
    Wealth for your knowledge and interest. Clearly you have a rich mind and can enjoy things like classic movies that I would just hate.
    Boldness for how open you are and not afraid to say things about yourself.
    O.k I think I figured it out:



    It represents Simplicity & Modesty



    This one represents Wealth.



    This one represents Boldness.
    It adds a little mystery which I do like but I have to ask you.

    How would you define yourself? Since thats what matter most.
    You are a complex girl arent you.

    Likess comic books/classic movies and likes fast paced Rush.

    they all kinda contradict each other. :P
    Then let's begin :

    Well my country is really beautifull, there are tons of "ancients ruins" of historicals places. There are deep scares from the past, full and sadness but full of hopes too. Cause France is bordered with ocean's and seas, we have some really beautifull beachs, creeks ( don't know if it's the good word ) and discrets loving spots where you can find peace and poetry in the sunset's lights. You can also find some amazing peoples, who can give to you wonderfull lessons about life while they are welcoming you without asking anything in return.

    But my country isn't always that beautifull, lot of despair and sadness in lot of towns and cities... lot of stupid peoples too, moking you when you are not like them...

    Maybe it's the price to pay for having so many wonderfull things.
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