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  • Well, there's also the "View Conversation" link in the corner of my messages that might help out with that as well.
    Well, if you want your reply to be noticed by the one conversing with you, post it on their wall, not yours.
    Not entirely sure what you mean by the "mention tag," unless you mean prefacing a username in some other post with the "@" sign.
    I haven't been on forums for a while. All these updates are confusing :P Plus I went with the mention tag, typed in a name and it went all crazy. Tried to fix it and ended up the same. If its not intuitive it ain't worth knowing xD
    Someone needs to get the hang of his interface... Forgive me for the barb, but I could not resist the temptation.
    Thats very kind of you. Unfortunately, I haven't heard of you before. Who are you and what have you done with my wife!?
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