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    Ok, lets~ xD Yeah I do, but I haven't been able to see any episodes. >__> Oh, lol, well IDK since I haven't seen it. D: But I see, I absolutely hate spoilers.. But tbh I can't help myself from looking sometimes, OTL. xD I see, yeah, I've done that before, trying to find a particular one and searching through all the others is quite boring. :V

    And it's totally fine,lol, I don't mind at all~ And nah, you are good at talking~ :3 (btw, sorry for the late reply, I've been busy)
    haha , lol u thought that u the one who was late reply, well as u can c i wasnt that fast either. ami spoiling the movie, then sory =.=" never thought of that, really sory . and thanks ur care to me here. =P
    NP, thx for the add~ So how are you?~ 8D

    And bleach and one piece are you fave animes? I abosutely <3 <3 One Piece~ Though I haven't been able to watch any episodes for a while now. v_v

    BTW when you reply could you please go to the view conversation on my VM and then reply there? Because otherwise I won't be notified/know that you did reply. Thanks you~ :3
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