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  • Thats interesting.. Who are you trying to convince? Me.. or You?

    Because if its me.. I have no clue why you would tell me. You already know how much I care.
    Im not one to be fooled or care what other say. It mean allot and what ever you deny wont matter...Ive handled ppl like you before....I know your responsse and what the mean...Mr. Alpha.
    Doesn't matter much to be. but usually people like to know what their saying no about before saying it.

    It says allot when a person doesn't care to ask for information before rejecting an offer.
    Thats because you said no before actually asking what the groups about......but I guess thats answer in itself.
    Was that an actual question because I thought i made it pretty obvious. Sadly I have to go.

    I have things to do regarding my group and my only reason for contacting you has disappeared......good day sir.
    Sometimes a question is a question and other times its just a bunch of words put together for no reason other then to seem polite and keep the conversation going.
    You underestimate my insight...but what ever , Im not going to force you in a group you don't want to be in
    Core, all you do is feud with me. You should be grateful for my attention. All the power players know you're, well an insect. This feud is the only reason people think you're actually about something.
    This sounds familiar.
    Well, personally both are equally important, though not in a hand-in-hand way. It's more of a case-by-case scenario. I'm a case-by-case type of person. .____.
    Oh, I thought I would reply here, since the thread's closed.

    Well, I personally interpreted the question as being whether you need to deceive or be sincere to get ahead in society. Either you trick your way to the top, or you work hard and risk getting stamped on.

    Sure, you can counter-argue. That's a perfectly valid and rather interesting point you came up with. My take on the matter is that there are most likely two different types of dishonesty/deceit practiced: That which gives you material benefit, and that which benefits your reputation. Both are most likely mutually exclusive, as being dishonest to get material wealth will make people resent you, but on the other hand being dishonest to pamper others will make them like you. It more or less boils down to whether "what society demands" is "what you can do to improve society" (ie. being honest so the person learns from mistakes) or "what you can do to make society feel happier" (ie. consoling others with dishonesty). Yeah, pretty much that. xD

    I think we can both agree that whether dishonesty or honesty (or deceit and sincerity for that matter) is demanded in society is probably on a case-by-case basis, and also dependent on a particular individual's perception of "demand". Yeah. I hope to discuss more with you when the thread re-opens! xD
    Ah I see. You used me to prove that you're fucking incompetent. You used me to prove that you should never have been born. You used me to prove that beasts like you need to be dead or in chains. Understood. We're good.
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