The First Day

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~6 Hours Before The Prologue~

"Gah, dammit! Where is that catalyst?!" Rikka exclaimed, ransacking her own living room searching for a shard in a tube, "If I don't find it soon, then I'd have to go and meet up with those two at the mall..."
A ringing noise had come from the bathroom.
Rikka had given a loud shriek, and had ran to the bathroom to pick up her cell phone.
"Ah, Rikka? That you? Hurry up to the mall if you don't have anything to do, or if you do, just tell us what you have to do, otherwise we'll tell the school your secret," Rikka's friend said.
"If you do that, I'll kill you faster than I can text 20 messages," Rikka said a little annoyed.
"Huh fine then," her friend said, "Though, you had better got a good reason!"
"Eh...I, uh...I gotta go see this guy at that dojo," Rikka had quickly said.
"Hmm...your boyfriend?"
"No! Hmph," Rikka exclaimed, shutting her phone and smacking it on the bathroom counter. There was a cracking sound.
"Shit..." Rikka said, sliding down to sit on the bathroom floor, "First the catalyst, now my phone, what else will go wrong..." and suddenly a tube fell on her head.
" I remember that I put it here..." Rikka said without emotion.

~ An hour later ~

"Alright! Now let's start the summoning!" Rikka exclaimed, clapping her hands together. She had the catalyst all ready, and she had been prepared to use a lot of her mana, though all of a sudden, her wall had been blown right when she began the summoning, blowing her back against the wall.
There was a lot of smoke, and a knight in armor had appeared between Rikka and the invader.
Rikka was breathing heavily, and could only see a vague image of what was happening. She could barely move, and her leg was stuck under a large piece of rubble. She could hear a voice vaguely, but she only heard "may" and "master" before she had passed out...


I wake up seeing a girl passed out
"I suppose this is my master now I must form a contract with her , but before so I must take her to somewhere safe first. " I thought to myself
I decided to pick her up and goes to a nearby house
"Seems like no one has been living here for a long time"
I enter with my master on my arms and placing her on the floor then seeing her regaiin herself

I then said "May I ask, are you my master? "
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Rebirth CO²

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"Ugh..." Rikka had slowly opened her eyes, "Where am I? Who're you? What am I doing here?" Rikka had had her hand on her head, then had put her hand over her left arm and she held it in pain, and tried to stand up. She had fallen, showing her wound on her lower right leg.
"'re my servant, right? Please, go and find a first-aid kit or something, I need to treat my wounds...ugh, dammit, what attacked us?" Rikka said, struggling to find a good place to rest. She had made it to a couch, and had stretched herself on it, it was easy to see that she was in pain. She was breathing quite heavily though, and some of her clothes was ripped, though it showed nothing particularly explicit.
"Don't just stand there staring at me like that, go find a first-aid kit. you have something that can help me recover?"


"Yes I am your servant and I have no idea what is this first-aid kit your talking about is,
but in my time we use herbs to care for the weak and sickly" I replyed
I then took out some herbs from my pocket and places them on my master's wounds.
"The one that attacked us, I can feel that hes near by stay here Ill go drive him away no need to worry Im not a saber class servant for nothing just promise you'll make me some food afterwards"
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"I see...heh, I forgot that you must not know about first-aid kits...but thank you Saber," Rikka said, smiling while laying down on the couch, closing her eyes to rest. Rikka told herself that she should not worry, but she had this feeling that there was going to be trouble coming soon.


I walk outside seeing a man there with a female servant behind him
"Who are you and what do do you want with us?" I said

"I am here sent by the magic association to eliminate all servants of the holy grail war " Emiya Shirou replies calmly

"Heh I see then but injuring my master is unexcusable I will make you pay!"

"We shall see then, but surrendering to me now is your best idea for a chance for both of you guys to live on to see another day"

"Seems your a saber class servant your still no match for me after all I have mastered everything I learned" Shirou said, while in his arm 2 blades appeared outta no where.

I charged in blindly at Emiya Shirou...

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Rikka had been outside watching the battle. She was recovering faster with help from Saber's herbs, though she didn't have enough strength to run. But as she was about to say "Saber! Stop fighting, we have to retreat now!" her Servant had spoken.


"Bah! This tedious fighting is quite tiresome. I shall finish you off quickly so I might be able to have a nice rest." I unveil a previously hidden blade and charges at Emiya once again.

"Rho Aias!", My attack is completely negated by Emiya's new noble phantasm. Taken back, the Silver Knight retreats a few steps. "Enough Saber!" Rikka calls to her servant.

Shirou seizes the opportunity and attacks while the Knight is distracted and off-guard.

I am the bone of my sword.
Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.
I have created over a thousand blades.
Unaware of loss.
Nor aware of gain.
Withstood pain to create many weapons.
Waiting for one's arrival.
I have no regrets, this is the only path.
My whole life was "Unlimited Blade Works."

A ring of fire appeared from the ground slowly changing the area into a Reality Marble which everyone is now within Emiya Shirou's Unlimited Blade Works.

" I see." "So this is a reality marble?" Well, since you went to all the trouble to prepare it for me I guess I might as well have a little fun before my nap."


A blade with holy aura embedded on it appeared on the servant's hand.

"IKKOZE!" I cried

Armed I charged head on to Emiya Shirou.

"Full of honor huh?" " Well then time finish this."
Emiya shirou traces a blade and charges striaght at Saber.
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"Saber!!!" Rikka had ran as best she could to get Saber out of the way. She had, though, she Shirou had cut her arm. She was on the ground, with blood flowing from her arm.
"Ugh...Saber...end..*gack* this quickly...or retreat..." Rikka said, trying to stay conscious best she could.
She had reached and threw mana crystals to Saber, "Eat these...they'll...replenish some of your mana..."


"Master!" I cried
"Emiya shirou I will obliterate you if its the last thing I do!"
I grab the 3 mana crystals and puts it on my blade.
"A foolish master I suppose giving her life to someone she just met well saber you can't run anymore can you as within the power of Unlimited blade works I shall ease your pain and finish you now" Emiya Shirou finishes his line, then he says "Bye Saber and your master."

A huge amount of Noble Phantasms appeared from the sky and starts raining down at Saber and his master.

"Silver Heart Force!"
A silver shield appears and transform to a huge silver barrier and protects both saber and his master.

Emiya shirou now shocked, " Impossible all of them can't penatrate it...."
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"This...move..." Rikka muttered, and stared up at the Noble Phantasms. She thought to herself, If I can trace some of those weapons...Jiseki!
Right then and there, Rikka had recreated nearly all the weapons from the Gate of Babylon, and had fired them back towards the original weapons.
"Saber...we gotta retreat...we got to rest and think more of your abilities and mine and to get away from this guy...he's strong, yet he's only a Master! Just think of his Servant...c'mon, we've got to get back to my castle!"


" Master ! "

Saber seeing his master's copied Noble Phantasms cancel each other out then deicdes....

"I am the soul of my blade"~

"Who are you those words just now......." Shirou said softly

Shirou's mana has ran out due to the battle Unlimited Blade works starts to fade away..

"You don't need to know who I am." "Causing my master's injury. I must take her back home so you got lucky next time I meet you I shall show you what true power is Emiya Shirou!~

As I finished saying these words I disappear to the distant sky with my injured master on my arms.

And so, Day 1 of Rikka's and Saber's part of the 6th Holy Grail War in Fuyuki City has been ended with a battle with Emiya Shirou and Saber of the 6th HGW.​
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Kenichi looks up to the sky and whispers "It's soon, I can feel it. I'll have to summon a servant tonight or tomorrow. I hope Caster is still available. Saber would do, I also wouldn't mind having an Archer servant." Kenichi laughs and walks to the University that he attends.

He sits through his day of classes, doing his school work and staying on task even though hes excited about whats about to happen. Finally, the bell rings. Kenichi slowly leaves the classroom and walks towards the entrance. "Hey Ken, wanna go to a movie? I can get some hot chicks to come man." Kenichi turns to see his friend asking him this. Kenichi raised his hands and says "Sorry, I gotta go for now. Maybe another time". Kenichi turns around and leaves ignoring the complaints of his friends.

He gets to the apartment he has just recently rented and locks the door behind him. He walks over to his dresser and pulls out the various items that will help his summoning. After a while of pouring his mana into the summoning a huge gust of wind flows through his apartment and there stands a woman in green.

"Ar...cher?" Kenichi says as he loses his balance due to lack of mana...


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Archer seemed to have been awoken from a daze. She stepped forward and looked around until her eyes landed on who she guessed was her master.

"Are you my master?" Without waiting for an answer she kneeled down next to him and looked into his eyes as if the answer was written there.


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"Ah... I guess I am... My name is Kenichi Ito." Kenichi says as he brushed the dirt off his pants and stands up. Suddenly, fatigue hits him and he stumbles towards the couch where he rests. "Are you an Archer?" Kenichi asks while laying on his stomach.


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Breathing heavily Kenichi replies "W..well.. thats good to know. I can't really believe myself right now... This is quite embarrassing."
Kenichi stops talking and closes his eyes. In just a few seconds he stands up. "Well, I'm better now. I've studied books on this, but never actually experienced it. So I'm not sure what action to take."
Kenichi eyes up the Archer servant and smiles.


I have muffins! =D
She raised an eyebrow forming a perfect arch.

"Perhaps we should search for other servants and their masters? After all, we need to take out the competition to obtain the Holy Grail."
She looked at the door seeming eager to find out what was outside.


pink spider
Kenichi looks at the door and wonders to himself. After thinking to himself for a few seconds he opens his mouth "Well, we could, but I kind of have this popularity thing. If I walk around town with you in those strange clothes i'll lose my reputation. So you'll have to go in spirit form." Kenichi says while smiling.