News and Uploader teams are hiring


Pistis Sophia
Feb 10, 2007
Rawr, take 3 at hiring people.

News Team

Probably everyone noticed that we have News posted daily on the main site. Just in case the newly arrived people haven't noticed, here: I'm giving a free hand to all the news posters on what they want to post, the weekly quota is 1 or 2 posts a week. Entertaining news related somehow to Japanese are welcome though. There is a graphical editor to ease the writing of your articles, with occasional pasting of img and youtube codes. No worries, I provided those codes with a screenshot guide, so absolutely no html knowledge is required. Hmm, rawr, as in, you can have it, but it's not necessary. Rawr, show me your burning passion for all the is holy and otaku!

The only required thing would be catching me while I'm on MSN, nothing else:

Leave a post here if interested. Oh, and you get a shiny green name if you join.

Manga uploading team

Recently we started to upload Manga on G2!
We already uploaded a bunch of Manga and want to upload even more Mangaa so we could rival with all other manga hosting sites.
To reach that goal we need more Uploader~

Contact Rina if you're interested. Uploaders get a nice orchid name.

By the way, you can join both AND the universe will not implode! Crazy, inoryte?