F/SN RP Discussion/Comment Thread

Rebirth CO²

Guardian Angel
If you got something you want to say about the RP (comments, compliments, etc.) you can post it here. Though, this is practically for fun though, so we aren't like bringing you a show xD

Also to RP'ers, you can contact each other in case you can't IM to reach each other.
I'm still not sure when me and Lancer and going to jump in. Since my family is moving this week my time on the internet time is limited to 30-45 minute segments at random points in the day.


pink spider
Sorry guys. I have absolutely no time for this. I dunno how you would handle it, but theres no way I can continue this. Sorry about that. I should have said this earlier.
I'll see what I can do to attract people I know who like the anime to join. Its a pain since most either don't know about it or if they do don't roleplay..... We'll see what I can do. *packs his net and a tranquilizer gun to go hunting* I'll even force people to watch the anime if I can. :p Been trying to get people to find out about it so they understand what I'm talking about for awhile now but I still could do a bit more shoving in the right direction.