Day 3

Rebirth CO²

Guardian Angel
"Saber..." Rikka had said, nearly breathless.
Rikka opened her eyes, to find herself in a white room, with a fluffy bed and fluffy pillows, white window curtains, and basically anything like a seaside hotel.
"Ugh...where am I?" Rikka muttered, trying to get up. Though right when she tried to lift herself up, she felt so much pain and had fell down back on the bed.

"Hah, so this is the master of a Saber-class servant? Pathetic," a voice had said, coming from the door.
"Who...are you?" Rikka said to the voice.
"I see you don't remember...oh well. Anyways, we'll introduce ourselves later, go and get some rest. You were in a near-death state when you were brought here."
"Wait, who brought me here? Where's Saber?" Rikka asked, trying to not sound like she could pass out any second.
"Ah...Saber is in another room. And the one who brought you'll meet that person when you recover."


The sun shined on Saber's eyes.
"Argh I feel so tired...." Saber sighed
"Rika!~ Rika!~" Saber started calling out in which seemed to be a throne room.
"Where is this place seems so familiar seems as if Im going through something again?" Saber questioned himself
Then a guy wearing full armor came in and ran striaght to saber.
"My lord the enemy has invaded the country with 10,000 men the frontlines aren't doing so well what are your orders?"
"How am i here again but...Tell the units that ill come support the frontlines then hold out until Roland arrives reinforcements. We must make haste to save the city and Emily of course."

Saber then woke and realized it was just a dream now in a unknwon place he deicdes to find Rika. "For some reason the white world seems to control people's minds means a servant is at work here. I must hurry and find Rika before its too late.

After running in what seems like nothing full of white rooms saber came to the hall way in which he sees a man with blackish grey armor black hair green eyes armed with a claymore.
"Glad you came my lord or I should say Ramon wait thats just a alias isn't it Seigfurd? . Do you remember me?" The man said
"Seigfurd is my name?" Saber thought
" Roland I never thought I would see you here ......"
"i am a berserker class i have come to kill you and my master has isolated your master in a room full of illisions."
Saber seeing his old campanion as his enemy is now a bit shocked.
"Come on lets battle and see which one of us is better!" Roland cried.
Then the blades clashed which Saber was no match for Roland.
"Hah your so weak what happened to the mean who had almost the world at his feet?"
"What!?" Saber thought "Who am i really and whats with all these dreams..."
The battle rages on which Saber slowering down in combat.
"So thats all you got but in order words your finish!"
"Durandal!" Roland called
A blade of golden holiness which now appeared tainted appeared with a scabbard of marked the beginnings of a great hero.
Saber was then shocked and was stabbed before he could do anything.
"So that is all my I can't let you die so easy for what you stealing her heart."
So then rolland kept slashing Saber like a mad berserker.
Which saber now bloodyed up and seems like the end for him.
"Well Saber time for me to kill you and by then if my master does anything to yours you can't stop him. Also hes quite lecherous."
Roland with Durandal strikes saber with his might though the blade pierced his heart....
Roland is shocked seeing Saber holding durandal now.
" heh so your still so weak. HAH!~ "
Saber moves which seemed a second and chopped Roland's leftarm off....
" Your beginning to bore me Roland. I thought there was to be a great battle yet i see nothing but a knight." "Saber" mocks
Roland with blood dripping all over him and the ground.
"So your finally showing your trueself still I shall not falter.Save her now...." Roland says
Saber then obliterates Roland with Durandal. "Sadly for you you'll never become as powerful as me...." "Saber" sighs.
Then saber is shown to have fainted....
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Rebirth CO²

Guardian Angel
"Hmm...what is that noise out there...?" Rikka questioned. "Gah, I really need to stop talking to myself."
"Ah...young miss, it appears that there is...erm, how should I put this...a fight outside. So if you would stay in this room for the meantime, it would be better for you." the voice from before had said.
"Okay...though, before you leave, may I ask you where am I, or how do you know about me being a master and my servant being a Saber-class? Are you from the Magic Association? And...could you bring Saber in here?" Rikka had asked, coughing.
"Ah...well, you will hear about all of this later my dear." the voice responded.
All of a sudden, the room had been distorted, with colors flowing in and objects changing shape. It felt like an earthquake to Rikka, and she fell out of the bed she was in.
Rikka screamed, though when she screamed, the whole room came back to what it was before the distortion.

"Gah, what the heck was that???!" Rikka exclaimed, trying to move on the floor, but was still in pain.
"Hmm...something might've gone wrong," the voice, belonging to a man who appeared to be almost 19, had said.
"You...!" Rikka had said, looking up at the man.
"Ah...let me help you onto the bed, young miss," the man said, picking Rikka up off of the floor.
"Uh...thank you," Rikka said, slightly turning red.

There was a sudden gust of wind, and a man with black-ish grey armor, black hair, and green eyes appeared at the door.
"Master, Saber proves to be stronger than we have thought," Beserker said.
"Sa- Saber?!" Rikka shouted, "What've you done to him?"
"So I see the master is awake...well, she seems in better condition than originally thought too..."
"Answer me, where is he?!"
"Hmph, I do not need to answer to someone like you," Beserker said firmly.
"Now, now..." Beserker's master said, "Just calm down both of you, and young miss, please stay in bed, you might get hurt-"
Rikka smacked Beserker's master across the face, but she had made him lose his grip and she fell to the floor.


"Saber" then decides "Bah coward he ran ...." "Saber now getting up
"Well wouldn't matter if I turn this place to ashes but I have to save the fool's master...."
"Saber" ran up the stairs and sees Roland there injured with his master.
"Give her back or else Ill kill you." "Saber" demanded armed with Roland's Durandal.

Rebirth CO²

Guardian Angel
"Mmph mme Zabah! (Help me Saber!)" Rikka 'said', as her mouth had duct tape over it. Her hands were tied together with cloth behind her back, as well as her ankles. She was over Beserker's master's shoulder, being held so that Saber could see Rikka's face.
"Hmph, persistent, aren't you Seigfurd?" Beserker yelled.
"Beserker...hold him off long enough so that we can escape, alright?" Beserker's master said.
"Heh...alright, though, don't try to do anything fatal to her, I want to torture Seigfurd for as long as I can..." Beserker said, smiling menacingly.


"Fools thinking you can run at all?" Siegfurd laughs
Saber though now seeming a new personality and has a strong aura.
"Roland know what you can have your weak blade back." As he throws Durandal back at Roland
"Your digging your grave saber with master near and your master in his hands ill defeat you!"
Roland attacks with Durandal at full power.
"Idiot... if you want to die so bad I won't hold back at all."
Seigfurd calls upon his real blade
"Behold the true form of my blade Siegmund. The fool named Durandal off respect for you. Oh well no time to talk ill rid you of this war now."
Siegfurd attacks and cuts durandal in half.
"Impossible my blade...."
"Your time is up Roland such a fool who was once my companion of the great war..."
Siegfurd kills Roland with ease which at the point he was about to stab him. Siegfurd holds back seeming coming back to his oldself.
Now saber runs striaght and punches Roland's master and takes back Rika.

Rebirth CO²

Guardian Angel
"Eek!!!" Rikka screamed, from the shock of being taken by Saber.
"Mmhmm, ouch!" Rikka shouted, feeling the pain from the duct tape across her mouth left her, "Now untie these cloths around my wrists and ankles."
Rikka was still in pain from the day before, so she asked Saber to carry her around for now.
" you remember where my castle is? We need to get there ASAP! We can recover there, and security there is a little safer. Quick though...before Beserker's master wakes up..." Rikka told Saber.


"Well ok..." Saber seems dizzy from his quick change now he has to think is he really Seigfurd.
"Bah Im so lost but i know where that place is. "
Saber unties his master and they both make a run to Rika's castle yet little that they know something within Saber is the true cause of it....

Rebirth CO²

Guardian Angel
"Saber! I can see the castle from here, come on, let's go," Rikka said, pointing to the castle.

"Say, Saber, why do you want the Holy Grail?" Rikka asked, as they were going through a forest towards the castle.


"I never thought of it much at all master."
"Seems it was fate that brought me here since I have nothing more then fragmented memories of whats really going on my past. Today it seemed like my blade was fighting instead of me." Saber replyed " Roland was he my ally in the past ? And who am I really? Saber thought to himself.

All he can remember was a woman name Emily who seems that both himself or Roland seem to have known.

"One thing that is surprising is that you remind me of her master in which I can't express it." saber explained.

Well thinking he comes across a lake in the forest and they decided to rest there.
"I see...well, we could do some researching back at the castle, there's loads of books there that tell stories from around Roland's time..." Rikka said, sitting against a tree.
"This's not too far off from the castle, it should take us less than 5 minutes to get there, depending on if I slow you down," Rikka told Saber, "Though, it seems that you could use some more healing than I do. Here, swallow this." Rikka handed Saber a mana crystal.
"If you swallow it, it will replenish some mana, and allow you to heal more efficiently. After we're done here, we should get to the castle before noon in case something else happens."


"I don't I need em anymore master my body seems to be overflowing with great power that I can't even control it.Also you may need it for later on."
"I seek to find out my past despite the fact Im a saber class. I am not the most strongest servant. Seems others know my idenity already. So i fear you may be in danger and that one time where I has a gaze of holding a powerful dark blade which seems most powerful."

We'll arrive to the castle soon so prepare for rest.

They travel swiftly to the castle.
"Heh...oh well, at least we should get better acquainted after we get some rest," Rikka said quietly.

"Ah! Rikka are you alright?" Rikka's aunt asked her, accompanied by a maid.
"In a way...though can you prepare Saber a room to rest in, and can I be brought to my room to also be rested?" Rikka asked.
"Ah, of course. Miku, please bring Ms. Rikka to her room, and give her nourishments and refreshments," Rikka's aunt told the maid beside her, "Mr. Saber, there is a room up the stairs and two doors to the right, it was meant for you anyways."


" Bah so bored !~" Saber complained while having nothing to do in his room.
Saber decided to go explore the castle so he started walking around till he went to the main hall and started checking out the paintings.
As walking he sees a huge painting of himself?
Saber was shocked in front of him stands a large painting of a man holding a silver blade made of divine powers. He has a armor looking somewhat similar to his , silver spiked hair , glowing blue eyes , a white cape , standing like a ruler.
Saber was astounded of the portrait and decided to ask Rika who the man is. Just as he walked away he noticed a maid behind him.
The butler asked " You wanted to know who he was right?"
"You know about him ?" Saber asked
" Well my father who was the head butler here asked my lady's father so he told me."
The butler replied
" Well he was a knight in the 9th century around the feudal era which the land was in chaos. His name is unknown to us but from what the head of this found some evidence he existed. Although hes unknown it had been said he was Roland's lord and was consider a king which he never took the title ..... This painting was found in 18th century by diggers when they were searching for bodies of kings in Europe.
Still if the assumtions were right the blade he holds in the painting is a legendary holy blade known Siegmund from which is powerful to slay gods in battle.Well tahts all i really know try asking the lady she might know more about it or search the libary."

"Thanks for all your help." Saber replied

Then saber starts looking for Rika....

"Now some leads eh?" a voice said
"Whoo, what a week we've been having...first that attack when I summoned Saber. Then the second attack yesterday, and now that attack from Beserker and his master," Rikka sighed, closing her eyes to go to sleep. Right when she did though, there was a knock at the door.
"Oh, come in," Rikka said.
"Thank you young master. Are you alright?" one of Rikka's maids asked.
"Yes, I'm much better thanks to all of you...though, how is Saber doing?" Rikka asked the maid. I can't stop thinking about him... she thought, I feel like something might happen, and he might be a trigger, or that something might change him.
"Ah, he's walking around the main hall, looking at some paintings. Takeshi just met him, and told him of that knight who was allied with Roland and never took the title of King," Rikka's maid answered, fluffing Rikka's pillows.
"I see...thanks then, don't over work yourselves, and tell the others that!" Rikka said, as the maid was leaving the room.


Saber starts wandering around till he found a old room that seems dusty as curious he walks in and he find a room full of books. While searching he opned a secret door by taking out one of the books.
He walks in there which seem very damp and old.
He had a feeling it was a place he used to be at.
"Ah...I should probably take a hour or two should do, I don't want to be missing out on the whole day. Me and Saber need to do some scouting for other masters and servants..." Rikka muttered to herself, rolling in bed trying to get to sleep.
"Gah, I might as well go and ask for some tea, that should make me sleep more more peacefully..." Rikka said to herself, ringing a bell to get a maid or butler to come.

"Ah, young master, how can I help you?" Rikka's butler asked.
"Can you get me some tea to help me get to sleep?" Rikka asked.
"Of course young master, I shall fetch you some tea. For the time being, perhaps you can read this letter, it is from somewhere in Italy, I am not sure if it's from a close relative or someone working with your family." the butler said, and had disappeared to get Rikka some tea.

"Ugh...oh well, let's see what it says," Rikka muttered.

Dear Rikka,
I heard that things are pretty rough in where you live, as well as an attack on the castle. Hopefully you're alright...your aunt said you were, though over the phone, it sounded like she was a little panicky. Just...don't get into too much trouble, your father might kill me if you do. Though, there's something else I've written to you about. There's a man living somewhere in the south part of the city close to the castle. He has a shop, full of charms and books, if you want to check it out, do it. Plus...well, I want you to be safe, so go buy some. He's a good friend of mine, so he won't harm you. Well, I got to go, take care!

"...he forgot to sign his name again..." Rikka sighed, and put the letter on a table, "Oh well, it's good to hear that he's still alive in that old place.
"I should probably call for Saber as well...wonder where he is..."


"Owwwww!" Saber complains when he tripped and fell down the stairs.
" Where is this place? " Saber wonders where hes now in a old room with nothing but dusty books and swords from the middle ages.
While searching he comes across a shield which seems like the one he used before.
"Whats this how is it here...?" "I should get Rika here and inf out what this room is seems like a room full of treasures or rusty things."
As saber was about to leave he sees a blade in perfect silver unrusted after all these years sitting there.
"Thats blade seems to call to me....."
As saber though when he leaves and is now looking for Rika.
Rikka drank all the tea that was given to her, though she still couldn't get to sleep. She was yawning and could feel tired, though it was like her body wouldn't let her fall asleep.

*Yawn*~ "Bah, I'm just gonna go walk around a bit..." Rikka told herself, and got out of bed.
Rikka looked into her mirror, to see if she should go out like how she looked like right now. "My hair is too messy, my clothes a bit beaten up...even though the clothes I was wearing at Beserker's master's place or whatever--'d I get into these clothes anyways?!" Rikka exclaimed, jumping back surprisingly, " wonder I was feeling a bit...hmph, I should just go back there and pummel him into the ground!"

"Ah well...I'd better get a little bit tidied up, or at least wear something else, these are like pajamas..." Rikka sighed in front of the mirror.
She got dressed into more casual clothing, though she could hear footsteps approaching down the hall.


Saber walks down the hall way still bored and curious of what happened back there. But now he decided that he needs to find his master since he kinda misses her now.
"I miss her now alot has have happened." Saber thought to himself. "Yet she is somewhat familar to her as well...."
As this he sees Rika walking to him.