Day 2

Assassin completely ignored Riku as he began to look around the area. The place was disgusting and it was not something that suited him very well. But, a god or not, Assassin knew that hiding yourself was an important part of this little game they were about to play, so he accepted it.

When Assassin heard Riku yelling, he shot him a glance. He laughed at how outraged Riku had become. "Shut up." He turned around and began to walk away from Riku toward the city. "We can do that shit later. I am going to go look around, see if I can find something fun to do."
Riku was absolutely taken aback. He had not idea how to react to Assassin's utter lack of respect. He was supposed to be this things master, and it treated him like he was nothing but a fool. Speechless, he stared at Assassin as he began to walk away, then he remembered something very important.

"Enough of your insolence. You will obey me. Did you forget about my reiju? You will listen to me, you have no choice."
Assassin stopped and turned to face Riku. His eyes became serious and he moved toward Riku in a blur. He bent down so that he was eye to eye with the old man. "Shut up. Fuck man, do you not listen? I told you already, shut up. There is not a chance in hell you will waste one of your three reiju on this. Because if there is, you are an idiot, and you will lose this war. You get three, threatening me with them, accomplishes nothing. You waste them, and you lose too."

He turned and walked away, yelling back as he walked. "I'll be back, eventually."
Riku stared blankly at Assassin. He didn't have a single thing to say. Assassin was right, he wouldn't waste it on something like this. He couldn't if he wanted to win. He dropped to the ground, and just sat there bewildered at how his first meeting with his servant had gone so horribly wrong. It had been nothing like he thought it would be. He sat down on the ground and waited, unsure of what he should do, or whether their was anything for him to do.
Day 2 - Polina

Polina emerges from the bathroom of the western style home she was staying in. She began to make her way down the hallway, all the while rubbing a towel through her hair which was still wet from her shower. Entering the living room she makes her way around the still bodies of the house's previous owners and over to a couch on the far side of the room. After examining the buttons on the remote she turns the TV on and soon has it set to the local news channel.

After a short period of time the clock on the wall begins to signal the arrival of the 22nd hour. "Alright." The young women said to her self. "It's time." With that she picked her self up from her resting place and walked over to the man and his wife lying lifeless on the floor. Since Polina had been raised specifically for the purpose of fighting in the holy grail war she had the entire summoning process perfectly memorized down to the last hand gesture.

Using a massive amount of human blood as a catalyst she begins the ritual by funneling all her available mana in to the open space around her.

"О вперед моей холопке! Придите вперед и произведите к моему правилу!"
"Come forth! Come forth my servant and yield to your new master!"​

The air surrounding her grew cold and prickly. The light overhead flickered twice and then went out entirely. small objects on the nearby tables began to clatter about. Faster, faster, faster. The more mana that was channeled into the air the worse these qualities became. Books started to fall off of the shelves, silverware and utensils in the kitchen were vibrating around in their cases, the air felt ice cold. And suddenly, as if it felt like the whole house would come down if it got any worse, there was a sudden burst of light and the sensation like that of a thousand razor-sharp needles being driven into every part of your body.

"Ahh, I knew it would have violent side effects but I didn't expect anything like this." Said Polina as she stood rubbing her eyes which were still recovering from the blast of light. She looked up, trying to make out which servant she had summoned. Although most of the lights had been either damaged or destroyed during the whirlwind the room was still faintly illuminated by small traces lingering mana. Slowly, her eyes adjusted and a dark blurred figure came into view.
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Year 1594: Late Azuchi-Momoyama period, Aoba Castle.

"Lord Masamune is inviting me over to his room now? At this hour?", a young man exclaimed. His name was Higurashi Hiroshi, a name that must have sounded alien to all of you. Indeed, that was expected, for there is no official record of the role he played on history's stage.

Hiroshi prepared himself, and proceed to the room of his lord. There're no sight of snow, but the cold spell was still there, ah.. dear God, can you please get rid of this frigid air? There's only some time left for Spring to come, I doubt those cherry trees would stand this chilling feeling, so please spare a thought for them.

Hiroshi gave a knock on the door, "I'm here, milord." He then slided open the shoji. Inside the washitsu, Date Masamune was sitting near the window, staring on the newmoon. He did not realize Hiroshi's prensence, the moon was the only thing reflected on his eyes during this moment. "Milord, are you alright?", Hiroshi gave a call at Masamune.

"Hmm.. Oh Hiroshi-san, you'd really took your own time, ain't you?", Masamune laughed.

Hiroshi began to walk towards Masamune, and took a seat in front of him. "Please remove the -san, milord.", he said.

Masamune grasped his sake bottle and pour some wine into a small cup, he lifted that cup to Hiroshi, asking him to take it. "And you should remove the 'milord' crap, Hiroshi." It seems that Masamune would want to have a long chat, for there're few sake bottles lying beside him. "Just refer to me as Masamune when there's nobody around. You don't have to treat me like how your father treated my dad, it's really irritating to have this kind of master and servant relationship", Masamune picked up his cup and drank it within one shot.

"Is something bothering you, Masamune?" Hiroshi asked with a content look, it had been years since he had such conversation with his childhood friend.


The time returns to now

"Ah.. I've dreamt of 'that' again.. Hmm.. what's that sound.. somebody is calling upon me..", Hiroshi stood up, and took a step to where the voice was located. In a split second, the space where Hiroshi was began to collapse, lights were then sent beaming across the entire area. "What's happening? Ahhhhhh!!!", he felt a strong force pulling him. Hiroshi couldn't help and got pulled away.

"Ouch..! Hmm.. This scent.. it's familiar.. iron..? No wait, blood!", Hiroshi opened his eyes, "This is..", upon realizing the change of location, he gave a yell, "I'm BACK!!! After all these years of waiting, I.. I.. AHHHHH!", that beastly roar of such can match the prowess of the king of beast.

Hiroshi walked and did some rotation to get a clearer picture of the room, he then turned towards Polina and started to observe. The girl had a long, straight brunette hair which danced gracefully with every passing breeze. Her eyes bore a pair of elegantly long eye lashes, and mouth a set of perfectly shaped lips. Shaped as lithe as a mermaid, she was dressed in a long, alluring dress, adorn with ample embroidery.

The servant had already noticed who that girl was, upon getting close to the girl, he kneeled down and lifted the girl's slender hand.

"I suppose you're my master? I'm Higurashi Hiroshi, Servant Class.. Lancer. Pleased to meet you, milady."
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"Yes, I am your master." Polina says in a quick spiteful tone while quickly jerking her hand away. She takes a step back and begins to eye the man up and down. "Lancer hmm?" She crosses her arms as if discontent with her new servant. "My name is Apollinariya Boryslavich Ivanova. You may address me as Apollinariya or Master."


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Lancer stood up and shrugged his shoulders, he then slowly combed his fingers through his hair. He could felt the vexation of his master just by the tone. Well, who would be glad to have a Lancer at their servant? For none of the Grail Winners were Lancer, no, to make it clear, none of the Lancers could even make that far to get a view of the Holy Grail.

Lancer then spoke, "Is it that depressing to get a Lancer as one's Servant? I know, most of the Masters would want to have Saber as their Servant. But that does not mean that we, the Lancers, are inferior to them. Now, can you please show me around. We need to prepare for war."
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"Ahh, Yes." Polina responds. "The summoning is bound to have been noticed by someone. If not by a fellow master than by a member of the magic association. We can continue our conversation when we have put a safe amount of distance between our selves and here." With that, Polina turns around and begins to head toward the back door.


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Magic Association? Retreat? Lancer was confused, and questions were gushing out of his mind much faster than the popups that one had encountered during a computer virus attack. Why should they escaped? Shouldn't it be better by luring the enemies and finishing them all at once?

However, Lancer did not dare to question his Master. Despite having zero knowledge on Polina, he could tell that she was not made of ordinary. Ten steps away, but the tension and the ambience around his master was so petrifying that it kept sending chills down his spines. He was a slave of war, but none of his opponents could bring such fear.

Wicked, was the only word that Lancer could think of.

He smirked at himself, his fear was replaced by irony. Was it really a profit to have such a Master? Such feeling was similar when one strikes a lottery, should one kept the money for oneself or share it with the others? Either way, could be a profit or lost.

Lancer digged his hand into his pockets and followed his Master, while leaving a gap of ten steps.
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