Basic Guidelines (Including Tutorials)

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Kaze Araki

Libertarian Communist

1. This forum will serve the purpose as a chess club where users learn and discuss their games with fellow chess enthusiasts.

2. Each user is allowed only one thread for discussions of all their games, this is to ensure an easier threads organization. Thread necromancy rule does not apply in here.

3. For the actual game, please visit and play in (this website is mostly free of charges and the best for free online chess games so far). For tutorial, read them in

4. has the excellent function of copying your chess game into PGN format. Use this function to copy your game and import it to this forum (use the chessboard code) for discussion. The code for the chessboard is; [*chess]insert copied PGN file here[/chess] (note: Remove the *).


6. Feel free to let us know for any questions, suggestions and improvement ideas, we appreciate them very much. Use this thread also for notifying other users of your presence in, to find random opponents or to ask/let them know of your/their usernames in there.
Not open for further replies.