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    GoodBye People

    Oh well, its time for me to say goodbye, I was here as an administrator from AT, but since I don't post much, and neither I have any experience with xenForo, its worthless for me to continue[and can't cope up with the changes]. Cya guys and take care.
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    So here is my (tiny)Gallery Switched to Photoshop for a change, This all are Sigs I made for Myself,so Sigs or artworks for friends are not included here. Sigs [only a few of them which I like] Criticism and comments are invited. P.S. I will be happy to make Sigs for users If they ask, PM...
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    First things first, I am not well with intros, and they don't worth thinking about too much. Thing second, SawStron is Asch. Third, Well, Nice to meet you all. P.S.1 : For anything related to administration, I am the last person to ask about.......... P.S.2 : And, apart from that, I am also...
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    So here is my (tiny)GallerySwitched to Photoshop for a change,This all are Sigs I made for Myself,so Sigs or artworks for friends are not included here.Sigs [only a few of them which I like]Criticism and comments are invited.P.S. I will be happy to make Sigs for users If they ask, PM me. Credits...
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    Halo Legends OST

    Release Date Feb 09, 2010Publish Format CommercialMedia Format CDClassification Original SoundtrackPublished by Sumthing Else Music WorksComposed by Martin O'Donnell, Michael Salvatori, Yasuharu Takanashi, Naoyuki Hiroko, Tetsuya Takahashi 01 Ghosts of Reach 1:2002 Brothers in Arms...
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    Gnome Vs. KDE

    To all Linux users[I know, some of them are their in the wilderness], which desktop environment between this two you like, or use and why[you might be using other ones too, no problem in mentioning them ]. I cannot form a opinion myself, if it was like 2 years before, I would have gone with...
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    Resident Evil Degeneration OST

    Songs List1. Virus2. Blockade3. Infiltration4. The Living Dead5. Breakthrough6. Battle to Death7. Curtis ~Status Report~8. Leon and Claire9. Time Limit10. The Fire11. Paradise12. Past13. Curtis and Angela14. Transformation15. Battle Against Each Other16. Degeneration17. Countdown18. Someone to...
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    9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors OST

    Songs ListDisc 1 :: Disc length 52:17 01 9hours, 9persons, 9doors 2:0402 Unary Game 2:1703 Extreme Extrication 3:3404 Binary Game 3:2305 Riddle and Puzzle 4:5106 Ternary Game 5:1307 Foreboding 3:1508 Quaternary Game 4:1309 Recollection 4:0110 Quinary Game 5:2911 Trepidation 4:5112...
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    The world ends with you OST

    Songs List 1. "It's So Wonderful" 1:392. "Twister" (vocal by Sawa) 1:173. "Underground" (vocal by Nulie Nurly) 0:494. "Long Dream" (vocal by Makiko Noda) 3:125. "Calling" (vocal by Leah) 3:256. "Despair" 0:277. "Hybrid" (vocal by Sawa) 3:048. "Fighting For Freedom" 2:069...
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    Here am I

    Came here following my head administrator, liked the theme TBH, lets see how I fit here =) ,anyways, Happy to meet you guys.