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    final fantsy fan? then check this out

    there are lots of final fantsy music and they are all great but what is you favourite 5 songs? personly my favourite 5 are: 1-Liberi Fatali(ff8) 2-J-E-N-O-V-A (FF7) 3-One-Winged Angel(ff7) 4-Savior(ff7) 5-Eyes On Me(ff8) plz share your thougts
  2. J

    who is best when it comes to devil may cry? virgil or dante?

    who is the best? will decaid after your replys dont leave anything out wether it was cloths or styel or personalty or anything relited to dmc i have to now your thogts about this tobic so plz do comment in anyway you like
  3. J

    help! my dvd drive stoped burning!

    about some time ago my dvd writer in my labtop stop burning dvds and i cant locet the proplem i realy want some one to help me :dead: plezzzz