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  • You know I get an alert when you do something regarding me.
    Oh - well I VM'd you regarding your G.O comment but deleted it. Did you need something, or just wanted a change of pace?
    No problem, but you got to help me make sure he doesn't make any more alternative accounts.
    OK, then.
    I'll have to perma ban all his alternative accounts.
    His ban suppose to be reduced to 1 week by now.

    Do tell him that, if somehow the ban isn't one week - he can contact me at sf_rizamy@yahoo.com.sg (my email is active)
    And I'll look into it.
    Tell him not to make anymore alternative accounts.
    I have to head for school so ill see you later. But seriously seriously sometimes you can be totally indifferent, but then other times you actually act like a friend.
    The 1st one seems to fit pretty well. I realized that Zero is right. This will not get me any respect and after I thinked it over I found that in the long run(after Many steps) that is the goal. So I said fuck it.
    I see. Well I can give you a site that I looked up when I was baned from MF for good. It has a proxy you might be able to use.
    The new judges an American Idol suck compared to him. He really made the show, I remember a Season that was a trick season. The participates all thought it was a contest for the best singers when it really was the opposite. I still remember the champion face when he learned the truth. No I did not. Deciding to create a multi-account?
    As always I get myself into projects totally without thinking it over. And then there is you my only friend in this forum and completly unwilling to aid me in my hour of need.:sigh:
    This time m not doing anything unless I get a number of members actually willng to help me. I dont think im poplular enough to create a forum wide project.
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