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^ Thankies Sasori for the sig[/spoil]
Luke-Desu said:
I command thee,

Thou shalt come forth to my side,

Thy sword shalt control my fate,

Abiding by the Luke signature haven,

If thou accedes to this will and reason, then answer me,

The oath set forth here,

I am the embodiment of YAOI in the eternal world,

I am the disposer of NaruSaku in the eternal world,

Thee, the seven heavens that bear the great trinity,

Come forth from the circles of constraint,

O, Yomi!​
- obitod℮su. `‹3 crybaby ninja says:

Itachi: *slams sasuke to wall* "You're still too weak my little brother."
Sasuke: *grrr*
Itachi: *starts kissing and playing with Sasuke*
Sasuke: "Hnn... Stop it... Don't.."
Itachi: *ignores*
Sasuke: *pushes Itachi to ground*
Itachi: "Eh? Sasuke.."
Sasuke: "I want a turn... I've surpassed you now.."
Itachi: "Oh have you.."




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