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  • Awah! I'm sorry for not replying! I must have missed it. Forgive me! ;;AA;;

    Ugh, I've been so busy. v_v Well I had a few done, then my computer crashed and I lost everything. ;;AA;; So at the moment I only have one done... And I really despise the text, I think it looks ugly... Sorry... v_v
    Ok, I'll have to get started as soon as I can then~ 8D

    And yeah, IKR? The first time was semi-justified, but the 2nd was totally not, I didn't even get why I was banned. >___> I guess they just don't like me... v_v
    Ok~ xD And np~ :3 But is there any certain images you want or text or size or anything like that? Or am I free to do as I want? C=

    I think so, and yes... ;;AA;; But I was spending wayy too much time on there so the ban did me some good~ =D
    Yep~ C:
    me short xD not since middle school was i short xD
    it was like one school year
    4 foot something
    next school year 6 foot 3
    Ic~ I can try, lol, though it might take a while since this year is really busy.. D:

    Well it's a really kinda length story, but yah know. Though the reason they said why my account was banned isn't throughly correct, *shrugs*

    That's good~ =D
    lol it's basically the school punk the bad ass everyone fears and respects
    someone who craves ot fight and refuses ot lose
    I miss talking to her, lol~ xD
    And yeah, I do~

    No, but sorta, but no. @____@
    I'm doing pretty good as well~ :3
    Dw about it, I say it to everyone. I mean, I'll stop if you want... :/
    I'm 19. Oh and, no offence or anything, but if you don't post much, then why are you here...? Don't take it the wrong way, I'm just curious
    Sure thing bro, nice to meet ya Aaron
    I'll see you around then. Where (i.e. which section) do you tend to post the most in?
    Yep, though I didn't talk to you for very long before getting banned..... Haha~ It was Spring_~ :3
    *glomps* C:
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