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  • Exactly, right? I've been having at least one test everyday now.
    It's like their goal is to kill us all. :no-guy:
    I see. Well actually I graduated recently, wth a degree in linguistics. So I am done with school for now! How many years left in school do you have?
    I see what you mean, well glad to hear it's worked out well
    Yeah I know what you mean, that was one of the reasons I changed from Kisame lol
    Oh yes you're in college. No wonder you're not here very often. Forgive me if I have asked before, but what are ou studying?
    Hahahahaha. YAY x3
    Do tell me when you've made an account, ne? :3 LOL My charm? I guess it rather sucks then xD Sankyuus Onii-san :3 Err... umm.. Idk, you tell me .__. How the hell do I run faster than light lol xD
    It sure is but fun too at the same time : D Sorry!! >< I actually have tons of homework piling up too but usually I'd just err... ignore them xD;
    Yep, but it's more like I don't understand what the question is asking for :c Heh? Me rich?? Well, I hope so, since I wanna be a CEO 8D
    Wish you all the best, Onii-san~!!!! *hugs back* GAMBATTTE NE~
    Good! I am an vacation and eating lots of good food.
    Hm hm hm I don't really know? A phantom can easily go unseen, whereas a shadow would be visible, but dark and...shadowy? Lol now I feel silly...I don't know my native language very well =__________="
    Well commonly you die.

    There is nothing they can do if it actually bursts, however, given you had surgery and have survived it most have been only an attack or something rather than a rupture. I believe they can remove your Appendix these days it is not like it is something you need perhaps by evolution it was useful at one point.

    Or was that another organ I can't remember exactly though there is at least one organ you don't need. The reason you die from your Appendix bursting is that I believe much like the kidneys it would simply flood your body with waste killing you as a result.
    Ryu, Yeah it's been awhile but I'm assuming you've been really busy.
    Life is Life Ryu full of highs and lows. I've been okay just been really busy now.
    You still studying??
    Gomen Onii-san! >< I just missed you too much that's why :c
    Well, all you have to do is download the program and make an account for it. There's a link in the logging page saying "Don't have a Skype account name?". Just click on it and follow the instructions : D But Onii-san, I am always cranky lol xD I know but still, I wish I could avoid those mistakes. :c
    Loooool okay I won't x3 Awww Onii-san -is touched- *hugs Onii-san* Me too! >< I just can't stay away from the internet D: A D? O.O You mean your homework? D:
    It was okay in the beginning but when it comes to the calculation, I got stuck D:
    Thanks...I am working in the Otaku Zone part of the site...So make sure to use that section too!
    Appendix you are certainly lucky it didn't burst or anything; that can kill you after all. Just focus on recovering for now. Good to know it was a successful surgery Ryu-san.
    *huggles even tighter* LOL What Onii-san?! That's far much worse lol XD I'd be given demerits for every absence from class. And nope, I sleep late everyday coz of Skype! Chat with people there everyday. xD I'm not sure if I felt hurt when you were away lol but don't worry, I'm doing fine, Onii-san :3 Hehehe yep but I did some mistakes already during my first time handling the SOTW thingy lol D; Hehehe thank you :3 Infinite homework, I would say D: And I'm having tests starting Saturday.
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