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    wat happen?

    wat happen to bleach 125? i cant download it! it keep compete without download and there is no mb inside the files to watch... nori can u do something about this? thanks alot if u can solve this problem cause im a big big big big bleach fan! thanks and lotsof it!
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    movies download!

    hello! why is this happening to me when i want to watch FMA movies? can u tel me why? ERROR CODE: 404 - Page Not Found If you are viewing this page, it means the page you are trying to access does not exist. To report a problem visit this page (here), or send an email to...
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    Bleach is my favourite anime to be watch, thou my first anime is not this but after watching Bleach, i feel like i wanted to watch more on this, it getting my nerve when everytime Ichigo getting more and more stronger enemy while everytime Ichigo is getting stronger whenever he meets them....
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    hey pple! hoping to know more friends here!

    hello, im reaper(nick), i hope to know more friends here and can do exchange information to each other, i having this problem as i dont know where i can get Heroic Age(DVD) as my friend(indonesia) told me tat this is a good anime to watch it, i wanted to buy it but they dont have it in singapore...
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    What I Wish To See!?

    hello pple! what i wish to see? hmmm.. quite a question to ask pple, as for me, i wish to see is you guys get more better and better for each time i visit here, hoping you guys can make big on this website :happy: , but thinking of it, as what i really wanted to see it the guyver, the story ends...
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    Get Backers!

    hello it me again!! :laugh: this time is the Get Backers, at part 21( :nono: half way the sound when faster than the action), part 24( :nono: half way no sound), part 25.26 and 27(:nono: same as part 24), :huh: why does this happen? izzit i didnt download anysoftware to support it or...
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    Full Metal Panic!

    :laugh: hello guys! can anyone tell me what happen to Full Metal Panic? after downloding it at the wedsite, it does not come with any sound :nono: , i try others anime and everything seem to be fine but only FMP. so can the server pls help me on this to solve this problem cause after watching...