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  • don't worry about it man , I also wasn't coming much here as I'm being in facebook for from a while ...
    I'm fine , studies already started , also I'm continuing my part time job as computer repairing because this year is my last year ( 4th year in univ ) so we're only studying for two days per week which gave me lots of free time , so I decided to fill it up with work :)
    have a nice day my friend :D
    Eh? It is? Well, it won't be boring if you're interested in it, right? And you have English literature over there? : O
    Awwwwww hunnn :'3 Now I feel kind of guilty :c It's alright sweetie :3 I tend to reply VMs late too xD;
    O___O OMG YOU REALLY SHOULD, HUNN!!!! I can't wait to see your progress x3
    Hahaha. It's kind of err, confusing seeing that this is the first time I've been appointed as a mod. Hehe and thanks! I will :3
    College's been tough D: I kept on failing my tests >< and there's one particular course where I cannot understand completely at all D: It's all about business theories and up till now, I still don't know what the contents of the subject are. :c
    Yes, 'holiday' as you crazy Brits say. In Italy. What have you been up to?
    Because...since you left this place has turned into a police state and we all report our neighbors for speaking badly of emeralda.
    Hey :smile:
    Back from hell on sunday... was like before... but the good news is that i won't be there so often now :peace:
    What bout you ?? doing some Gym it seems...
    Thats a good weight for your height isnt it?
    nah i just been trying to look up those things for a while and all that :p
    you do? I thought you already had one o.O
    im just joking man what religion?
    Been a long time indeed. Im doing pretty good, uni started again.

    And yourself?

    Emmie changed it and I LOVE the artist who made it.
    Pretty good, I'm getting back to the states soon. How are you? You disappear for so long...we are all starting to get suspicious.
    lol i see how tall are you and how much do you weigh? how much muscle mass would you like to get?
    haha the same man well i know how to drive i just need more experience :p you go to church? :o jk lol
    haha so that means yes xD
    not much just pretty much the same also went to a museum and to the movies, you?
    yeah it is an Album, some hip hop sounds i discovered some days ago... i think it's quite good but wanted you to listen a bit and share a comment or two ^^
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