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  • How come I never see you two talking with each other?
    He sure is :c And I really hope that he will ><
    Malaysia. A pretty boring country xD
    I still find his username Insane D Azn the best, seeing that it contains D in it x3
    And so you're now stuck with MugenKuro? I've thought of changing my username several times, but then in the end I still remain as dark_9tails xD
    I see!!!!! That is really a surprise : O
    and yep, Inzy is a super nice guy x3 although I rarely talked with him these days ;_;
    Err nope, I'm quite far away from him. I'm in Asia. :I
    Hell yeah! And he didn't quite show his true self every time he changes his name >.>;
    Hey man, sorry for the late reply, been kinda busy as usual...
    Uni starts next week for me, other than that, just the same old stuff, and yourself?
    IDK, I find it a bit awkward, especially how I've been told how the robot gets turned on, but eh.. xD

    Yeah, you could say that, so much homework. ;A;
    LOL, L-F? What forum is that? .-. xD
    Oh, I see, getting a diploma? 8D Awesome(:
    Meh, same as always, busy, procrastinating, being lazy, etc etc. :coffee:
    LOL. I'll have to watch it sometime then xD

    I see, I don't read manga much anymore D;

    Oh, lol. Well I I might have joined AE because I remember there was once I time when I was like registering at all these places but soon after forgot about them, so yeah... If I did then I probably didn't go on again, lol. xD And I see~

    I've been pretty good, just busy~ You? :3
    Come to think of it, I think I did see you on MF too lol xD
    O.O You know Inzy? And um yeah, well, I am/was his wife here to be exact lol.
    Yep, he changed his name here quite a lot of times ~.o
    LOL, my cousins told me about chobits, lol. xD Haven't read or seen it yet but it's on my list. :P I see, and yeah!

    As for AE, I did go check it out once.... Because i remember it was part of MF right? But I don't think I made an account.... Why? :3
    theres nothing stronger then the will to live hopeful determined person will have a stronger chi compared to others of course with proper training too
    Oh yes that's good to hear! Calls for a celebration, I guess :D
    Hm, what did you say you were going to study at uni again?
    And best of luck once you start man
    It's amazing, and even better I've complete got used to using a Mac now lol
    Hapkido is very similar to Aikido (hence the name)/Judo/Jiu-Jitsu, but it can be deadly and practical, especially things such as self-defence. In the Bruce Lee film "Game of Death", the last fighter before KAJ uses Hapkido, check this out
    I see, that's a good combination. I'd like to learn both or at least be introduced to both of them some day
    Np, my replies tend to be slow. I understand man, better late than never, eh?
    chi is the energy of life therefore the stronger the will to live the stronger the chi of a person the fastest way will be placing yourself in a dangerous situation that require yourself to be resolute to put it simply desperate the slower way will be cultivating it over the years open your mind to those around you see the big picture^^
    I see, best of luck, I'm sure you will pass man
    Yeah I see what you mean now, hope that goes well too then
    A lot man, for one it doesn't lag, and I don't know, just too many things!! lol
    I used to do Taekwondo and Hapkido, both Korean martial arts. Got Black belt with TKD, and brown belt (third-to-last) in the latter. It has been such a while since I practiced them though ><;;
    mastering the 5 elemental fists will greatly boost the power of your techniques and chi xingyiquan relies on aggressive power outburst after all
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