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  • Hahah I assume ur everything onii-chan hahah:)
    Hahah yup onii-chan ur so smart I see who I get it from haahhaha:)

    :'( I see be happy but I'm not leaving so be ready for ur horrible nightmare for ever being happy that I was leaving ur so mean onii-chan<3 haha:) I bet u will be online way more now hahah:)

    Hahah no it does not hahah) k it dies but ima miss my mean onii-chan if I don't go on anymore even though its ur happiness hahah:)

    U don't love me I love u haha:) hugs many many hugs hahah:) :kiss: on the cheek and what else haha oh yea I love u haha:)

    Haha ur jere cuse I love u haha:)
    Hahaha idk u are hahah:)
    Umm work for free onii-chan haha:)

    Hahhaha well onii-chan will be happier when his annoying imouto-chan doesn't go online anymore hahaha:)

    Hahaa idk hahah I have to see I might do the character and put it to come out a bit later if possible I have to stop going online so much and focus on my work hahah:) no hate for u just not the same attachment hahah:)

    I could never admit to u loving me the most cuse that's a lie I love u the most haha *hugs and kisses on the cheek*

    Nope I love u way more that's why I brought u hahhahah:)
    U are more forgiving onii-chan hahh:)
    Nothing much hahah I have to find an extern job haha:)
    Hahaha nope I'm more happy hahah:)

    Hahaha no never onii-chan haah:)
    No onii-chna u know I love u way more than u love me hahah:) *hugs* and *kisses* on the cheek haha:)

    Hahah I love u way more onii-chan thanks for being here hahah:)
    Its ok onii-chan hahah:) good afternoon onii-chan hahahh:):)
    Cuse ur here onii-chan haha:)

    Hahaha no not yet when we wre young she did but she has changed haha:)
    No I love u way more hahah *hugs* and *kisses* on the cheek hahah:)

    Of course I did I love u haha:)
    Hahahha goooood morning onii-chan haha:) wake up haha:)

    Yea I'm really happy haha:)

    Ummm idk later haha:) hahaaha yea onii-chan haha:) love u more aha:) hugus and kisses on the cheek haha:)
    Good nite onii_chan hhah:)

    Yea it is haha:)

    Hahaha only for a while until she accepts u as her onii-chan hah but I love u onii-chan hugs and a kiss on the cheek haha:)
    Goood nite onii-chan hahah:)

    Hahaha k cool hahah:)

    Yaya yea it is hahahahah:) k good haha:) yay hahaha:)
    yeah.. i want some lovey dovey moments with him but damnn.. he's hard to seduce!!!!!!!!!

    wtf.. in what way she reminds you of someone?
    *face palms* i .. i dont know... he.. he's hard to seduce... :cry2:

    a daughta? who!?
    LOL. your fonts are BIIIIG!.. anyway.. hello son in another site! :grin:

    whats up with you and chia? :]
    Gooooooood evening onii-chan haha:)
    Ummmmm hahah well I guess u can do stuff with it I forget haha u wanna post to make money and be rich ahah:)
    Hahaa we protect each other hahah:) and kill together onii-chan haha:) yay haha so can I stop hah:) awww well u can eat now haha:)
    Rawr, hi. I feel so awkward by interrupting your lovely conversation here, but yeah, would you like to drop by some of the threads? The Cherry thread in the spam section is the place where everyone gathers~
    Gooood afternoon onii-chan haha:)
    Haha uea hahha protects onii-chan and kills zombies hahah:) k give pain reliever to my onii-chan hahaha:) feel better haha:) awww that's to abd haha:)
    Gooooood afternoon onii-chan haha:)

    Yea that one haha were gonna kill zombies I think haha:) really awwwww do u want pain reliever onii-chan hahah:)
    Gooood morning onii-chan hha:)

    Haha the one I gave u the link to yesterday and I told u to help me in MF hah;_
    Haha aya onii chan same here hahah:)

    Haha yea it would heheeh haha jkjk my kids would lme weird haha:) yea and I will protect as well haha good nite onii-chan hhahah)
    Haha yaaaay onii-chan haha:) y do I make u happy ahha:)

    Hahah k k ahah:) yea hahha:)
    Awwwwww what are we gonna have sibling complex or what haha no ur over protective as a bro does not mean u have a complex hahah:)
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