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  • Seriously? D': You should buy more! Asian Domination! 8D
    IKR? The first time I saw Phineas and Ferb I was like: "OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG SO F-ING ADORABLE!!!! <3333"
    And then I saw Perry and I was like: ":00000000000 <3333 <3333 <333 <333333 SO ADORABLEEEEE, I JUST WANTA EAT HIM UPPPPP!!! <3333333333333"

    Nah, I'm just procrastinating from doing 28 pages of notes and studying. xD But, hey, get on FB, so we can chat easier.... :D
    LOL. xD Well at least you got the pocky! 8DDDDD

    And *ahem* *cough* HELL YES IT'S FIONNA AND CAKE!!!!!! :fyeah:
    All we need now is a younger version of Phineas, Ferb, and Perry~! :lol-guy:

    And ughhhhh, I think I'm going to like have to leave this place for a while or something because school is killing me. ;;;AA;;; I've been sooo lucky but I really need to buckle down and work... And study for 3 tests on Monday. @___@
    Oh... Isn't the Tom Thumb in Los Colinas the one on MacArthur? Like barely a few lights away from our school?
    IDK, lol, but I suppose, it seems the most reasonable... Though if it was then she should have sang it herself! D<
    Oh, ok, cause I was like: :wtf::cold::@_@:

    And yeah, she kinda does look like Rin.... Kinda...:shiftyeyes:
    Wow, erm, well then....... xD It does kinda hurt! D: But, oh well, as long as she's active in the forums? :3
    Curse? ._. Ok, not asking~ xD
    LOL, that's true, maybe he should just become a crossdresser. <3 :P
    And no, should I? I'm a bit wary of what I'll find out...
    BTW, your sister joined? O.O
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