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    Super Smash Bros Brawl

    I know every ones looking forward to it (although it keeps getting delayed) so I thought this would be a good place to discuss it. Also, In case anyone doesn't know, there is a daily weekday update at
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    Anime vs. Video games

    hmmm that's a tough one. 2 weeks ago I definatly would have chose anime over video games, but then the new Fire Emblem came out and now that occupies much more time than anime... I'd have to say I'd probably die from the devestation of loosing either, but since I don't want to avoid the...
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    Spicy or non-spicy

    I am the master of all things spicy. Every year my school has a dinner with Habenero peppers (the spiciest peppers there are I think) and every year I eat one... if you can't handle spicy stuff, don't try one; trust me it's hell.
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    Video games/Voilence

    There have been tons of study on this subject, and the results have gone both ways. I think the studies trying to prove that they cause violence they purposely pick the most mentally unstable kids they can find; and for the ones to prove they don't cause violence, they pick the most well...
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    I'm a member of the Curch of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, aka a Pastafarian. Before ANYONE criticizes this religion, go to the official site and find out what it's actually about. Once you understand why the religion was made, then comment on it, but don't instantly assume...
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    What's Your Eye Color?

    I have dark brown eyes.
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    Whats your favorite hobby?

    I would have to say fiending. For those of you who don't go to my school (lucky bastards) fiending is pretty much anything that involves computers or game systems. Ex. me playing my Wii = fiending, my making this post = fiending And I almost forgot, sleeping kicks ass.
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    Whats your favorite color?

    What is it with everyone and blue? What about the great and mostly forgotten orange?
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    Do you like your school/job?

    This school sucks. Do you know what it's like going to a school with nothing but guys and being 3 hours by plane away from home??? Didn't think so. You would think it would be ok, because they have trips to the mall and stuff, but this is Exton Pennsylvania, you might not think it's possible...
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    Which is cooler?

    HOW CAN PIRATES BE LOSING?????? The end of the world is coming because of the decline in the number of pirates, check this site out The decline in Pirates over the years is directly linked to the rise in global temperature. Besides, who would want to become a ninja when they...
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    I'm a high school junior. I go to an all boy boarding school (it is as bad as it sounds) but they give us free laptops here, so thats pretty much the only reason I can get online at all... but damn them and websense.
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    Whats your Nationality?

    I'm 100% American... I live in America, was born in America, and will probably never move out of America (that is unless the republicans keep control this upcoming election, and in that case Canada here I come!) But my ancestry is 1/4 Italian 1/4 English 1/4 Polish and 1/4 German, but I look...
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    What hand do you write with?

    I use my right hand for everything: writing, throwing stuff, punching people... everything (don't want to offend people so we'll stop the list there, although there is one other major thing I do with my right hand that I can think of...)
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    How old are you guys?

    J'ai seize ans... not that I speak French. I will be 17 January 13th (and for all those who don't know what I said, I'm 16; just thought I should make my post a bit interesting.)
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    Whats the story behind your username????

    Mines boring... It's just my last name. Easy to remember and it's almost never taken. Also, I really don't care If you know my last name. Go ahead, try to steal my identity, I will hunt you down... plus it's not like I have any money.