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  • Yeah, it can sometimes have useful information. : )

    Thinking about it now it didnt use to be a problem when I was younger I didnt think of it all, at least the anxiety part, in mainly started in middle school. I havent gone to a concert in years and my general problem I think is that I want my own space in those types of situations ^^ Who are you going to see play? Do you think something in lower secordary school could have made it both of those worse? Thanks I will be waiting : )

    Yep xP
    Have you tried wikipedia? Its sometimes not 100% reliable on everything it has there but maybe some of the information can help, or also using google. You could always try to translate sites depending on your browser : )

    Well mine stems from something different as in I have to have a restroom nearby or it gets worse ^^ but its good that its gotten better for you. And thats odd thats it gotten worst. Do you remember at what age did you start with the OCD? And you should, tell me how it goes when you do : ) Its great that it can be free I have to pay for mine :p

    And no worries I like to have conversations with people. And I can be helpful sometimes ^^ So anytime you want to do that go ahead :)
    It can be very complicated then. And hope your able to get treatment for it ^^ What sites have you been to?

    Nah its not stupid its understandable my problems are social anxiety, depression, and fear of failure. I sometimes see my hardest critic of it all being me, it can get rather annoying. This is my third time going to one, I also feel the same of what they might think but then I start to tell myself that paying for it so who cares lol. Its better to get help though and even though it can be difficult getting an I dont care attitude can help a lot ^^ .
    I see so um forgot the name of it quadruples or something? ^^; Alternative medicine doesnt work all the time and can take it while to take its effects but it can be effective in some situations. That sucks and they dont seem very helpful, worst thing of all is when doctors dont want to prevent it instead try to help you when its already gotten worst. Have you done research of it online?

    Yes I am, its been kind of working so I cant complain. Yes OCD is and also phobias ^^ What are they? And howcome?
    And your living with one of them right now? Are you the youngest? I see, that sucks hope she gets better even though it wont be 100% Are there any alternative treatments? And even though the doctors know you have it they cant treat it early or give you some sort of advice on it?

    You did thats interesting, it sucks when illnesses can get in the way of our daily lives, I have some mental issues but there main cause is me. Its worst when you cant do anything about it. And did you switch schools or career? And no worries it was a good explanation : )
    oh Hiya, and
    I think you know the "Go to your User CP > Edit Your Details > My music" but guessing you can't get the link to work right?
    Try to get the full url of the song with .mp3 at the end, usually by copying the download url from various sites, (beemp3.com and such) or register @ http://uhost.nl/manage/ and upload there, at g2anime host's ^^
    How many brothers and sisters do you have? If I may ask what is your mom recovering from?
    Oh ok howcome you switched? And how does the school system work over there?
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