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  • >.> ok thanks... when i find out who u are, ill react appropriately XD

    The only good thing about Umineko was the first VN.

    And no, I mean real gore, not fiction.

    id say u were sai... but i clearly saw a phantasmagoria @_@ .... u cant be miam.... miam didnt really know me.... lily never really knew me on MF either.... *thinks* kristi also wanted to kill me .__. but ur not quite her personality.... T__T idk who u are... *thinks more*
    *stares* ok now i reeeeeeeeally want to know o.o"" boy or girl? did i know you? D< were we friends or enemies? D< where u one of those DPS groupies =.= ????
    :cry: thats the very reason i ran to this site from MF .... OTL my history follows me i see

    =.= shall i start running again now, or do you prefer to shoot me where i stand mr/s bounty hunter?
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