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  • Lol, well, by the end of the day, you need to either being that mod or TI mod, it's your choice.<br />
    So, how long the trial period for you as TI Moderator should be? Two weeks? A month?
    You need to promote the section to other sites though (just like what I did) e.g. MF. Also, what about your review thread? Obviously, I want my TI Mods to be dedicated solely for TI forum (well, competition with other section is hard, especially since our section is not that fun to begin with).
    So, do you think you can promote the HSL forum and make it livelier? I'm not asking much, 5-10 posts daily by users is already very good to me.
    Obviously, I will not give it to you for free. You need to prove yourself first (although I believe you can do it) that you can make the forum alive and expand it even further. I was thinking of giving you either the HSL forum or the soon created TI Newsletter forum. I think being an editor of an intellectual magazine fits you more but that magazine cannot succeed without good traffic in HSL forum
    Comrade, TI is a special forum of which its existence is actually an ideological project of mine (it is part of my personal agreement with Mother). Because of the completely different nature of this forum, you will not see the hiring of mods for this section in normal ways, this to avoid conflicts with my project. If you are not driven by power or shiny staff color username, then we fit perfectly.
    Lol, everyone their own taste right? I personally love reaper, but maybe thats also because they were one of the first bands I listened to. Aesthetic Perfection is pretty good, although I didnt like Close to Human that much. A violent emotion is much better imo.
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