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    GoodBye People

    Oh well, its time for me to say goodbye, I was here as an administrator from AT, but since I don't post much, and neither I have any experience with xenForo, its worthless for me to continue[and can't cope up with the changes]. Cya guys and take care.
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    >.< Ouch

    >.< Ouch
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    Hello !!!!

    Hello !!!!
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    Going to rest now, Cyas.

    Going to rest now, Cyas.
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    Paining like hell T^T

    Paining like hell T^T
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    WOTF Feedback & Suggestions

    This is big enough for another administrator to intervene, mods should do their work, not mini modding, and administrators should do their work, not interfering with moderators and their sections unless needed, seriously this whole thing is crap. Administrators are interfering way too much...
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    [GFX] Collab Contest

    I am up for it, sign me up.
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    Yes, accept the queen of heart ones though. P.S. Two of them have background borrowed from stock, although altered and overlayed by many layers.
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    So here is my (tiny)Gallery Switched to Photoshop for a change, This all are Sigs I made for Myself,so Sigs or artworks for friends are not included here. Sigs [only a few of them which I like] Criticism and comments are invited. P.S. I will be happy to make Sigs for users If they ask, PM...
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    Blu-Ray wins!

    :Closed: Topic is irrelevant in context to present.
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    VISTA vs XP

    :Closed: Topic irrelevant in context to present time. And was not updated in a while.
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    Gnome Vs. KDE

    Unity is good, although not as much perfect as a fullblown standalone environment extension, it acts well as a launcher[I guess it is meant for that only] Using KDE now, it is getting stronger and stronger day by day, tried GNOME 3.0, was not that impressive.
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    Are you a Mac or a PC?

    I don't think so, yes they are well reputed with multimedia editing, but that is just due to brand name. Add 'Apple' to anything, it becomes special, a PC can be 10x time better at the price of Mac Pro. PCs just do fine with video editing, Macs are only used by people who are one man...
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    Latest Hardware that you brought

    The last thing which I bought was a printer[HP], and a new keyboard[Logitech].