Welcome to G2Anime.

G2Anime's history stretches back to 2004! We've had our ups and downs, but we are currently underconstruction and looking to bring back the feel of the Anime Community of our time. Please be sure to join us in the forums while you wait by clicking the button below!

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What is coming

A few things that you can look forward to seeing on G2Anime


A community with like minded fans of Asian culture and media! Please join us above in order to help us build!

Streaming Content

We will be providing an extensive catalog of Anime, Dorama and Movies. Currently open to request!

Video Downloads

Not only will we be providing streams, but you will also have the option to download and archive your media.

Most Recent Downloads/Streams

Below is our most recent media in order to hold you over while you wait for the site to be finished!

Have a question or request?

Contact us in order to voice your opinion or submit a media/feature request for the site!

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