[XB360]Rock Band


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Feb 27, 2008
Here comes my grand, yet screenie-less review of......

[XB360]Rock Band

*WARNING: This is for the 360 version.
**WARNING: I recommend you suspend all of your ideals before you read. I do get into those little moments of random floating hatred.

You are just breaking into the rock business. You got your instruments, practiced really hard, and now you start your own band. Make it to the top by playing some of the greatest hits from great artists. It?s make or break in the rock business?.Can you handle it?

Graphics: 8/10
Don?t get me wrong, folks, the graphics are amazing. However, there is one small bug that still manages to piss me off. It continuously does so because most of America?s special opinion groups don?t believe in it, either (i.e. pro-abortion, but that will be saved for another rant, at another time). It?s called continuity. If my rocker is playing the bass behind his back, (yes I am a bassist, if you got a problem with that, send an email to my complaints desk at i.dont.give@fu.com) I want to make sure that he will be recovering from that move in the next angle, not miraculously back up on his feet, bass slung the right way. It?s just something that manages to tick me off. Its 2008, people, you would think we would have this thing nailed down by now.

Sounds: 10/10

Must we review further? I mean, it?s mostly about the music. Luckily, you don?t have to listen to the poor shmuck attempting to sing ?Gimme Shelter? by The Rolling Stones. That you don?t have to hear at all. But, other than that, you got your usual silence if you aren?t playing the right note. It?s Dolby Sound supported, so you can imagine what was going through my house at the particular moment I was actually taking notes, AND the report that I gave to the police after they came by for a little ?visit? for a complaint?.(f*cking neighbors?.Anywho)

Controls: 9/10

Now, I didn?t want to embarrass myself in front of friends when they wanted to rock out in a band with me, so I decided to actually stick to what I was made to play?..Bass/Guitar and vocals..(A little?And no, I will not post a video of me attempting to sing on YouTube?.If anything of mine is on YouTube, they will be hearing from my lawyers) Its relatively simple, if it wasn?t for the fact that my whammy bar on guitar broke?.and EA doesn?t believe in live people actually helping you, they would rather have a machine do it for them. But, I digress. The controls are easy to use.
Dumb Ass Reader: But Dante, what if I don?t have any of the controllers that came with the $180 package because I am a poor broke bitch who could only afford $60?

Well, I hope to everything that is good and holy that you didn?t open that box yet, because it requires a drum, microphone, and guitar controller. Unlike those of Guitar Hero III, ([sarcasm]see other review for those Emmy Award winners[/sarcasm]) they will allow any music-related controllers that are USB. So, PC microphone, wireless GH 3 guitar, all those things would work, so long as they are USB.

Overall: 9/10

I really enjoyed this game. This game started my bass playing career, even though I enjoyed the bass a LOT more when I actually started playing for real. Anywho, its worth that $180 for the whole package, so you can experiment and see what you like best.

I do have a list available of the tracks included. Any requests for that list can be sent to g2.banhammer@gmail.com


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Jan 28, 2008
this being a review, moved to hit list.

ive always wondered how this was considering the cost involved. judging by yuour review its worth its price


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Apr 27, 2008
this game is awesome x.x its really amazing D: the game playing and the songs are good too, and the songs you can buy are just so many on xbox live, loved it