[XB360]Armored Core 4


Devil Hunter of Hell
Feb 27, 2008
[XB360]Armored Core 4


Yes I am back. Here’s the scoop with this one. The basic gist of it is that you are a legendary pilot of Armored Cores, or ACs. That’s all I got storyline wise…..Yeah that’s it…..There’s really nothing else to it. I mean, you are just at war, like every other game out there. This one doesn’t stand out from the rest as far as storyline is concerned.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics for this is amazing. If you had an HDTV with the settings cranked on it, it would look even better. They took great care to make sure it looks realistic. But, as well all know, realism in video games is thrown right out the window. The Customization of the AC as far as paint, parts, and everything else is great. If I had the ability to, I would snapshot mine but I don't spend insane amounts of money just to take snapshots from my 360 and put them on my PC. I have a bit more intelligence than that.

Controls: 8/10

Controls are pretty basic. Nothing fancy with this. I mean, if you are gonna be a legendary pilot, the controls are going to be easy. The controls make dodging a million bullets real easy. Of course ½ of them are going to land but, hey, ½ is a lot better than 1/100000000.

Sounds: 5/10

I was not pissed off by the BGM and the sound effects. I really wasn’t. I just wished they used better song selections. Bigger beats, heavy bass lines are my personal choice. But, seriously, the BGM for this game could use a lot of work. There are no cut scenes in this game, or at least none that I have come across, so there’s no bad voiceovers.

Overall: 7/10

I was really pushing for this game. Even though that I haven’t played any of the other ones, I was really pushing for this one. I kept waiting very impatiently at my store while I was working just for one to come in used. If you work at a GameStop, its definitely worth the money. Otherwise, wait a few more months for the price to go down, then still buy it used.