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Hello All,

I know we’ve had ups and downs, most of you probably don’t even have the email address you used on these boards anymore, but I’m posting to let you know we are bringing G2 back! The days of G2 dying due to a lack of funds for the server have been long gone for sometime now. The issue we will face would be dedicated staff to keep the series up to date.

I will be updating all series, please do put in any request you may have on this news thread and we will work on getting you all of the media you seek!
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@abarnes , Also I remember you, I was registered in AT original community. My own memories are back from 2015. First who I contacted to DarkSign with skype and facebook.

I remember in AT web affiliates was your site and, Happens AT is the shutdown of an end (Board disables active) Any people visit your site. I saw it.